Sunset over Uji, Kyoto 2017

Elevate Yourself

Elevate yourself and your own inner-wealth. Play the cards you’ve been dealt; but be clever and be sly. Don’t be shy, you got great potential, my friend. Self-mend your broken heart; stay bright, today is a fresh new start!

Saigon sunset from “the deck seaside restaurant”, 2018

Before elevating others, elevate yourself. It’s good to be self-centered, self-focused, and selfish to build your strength. Keep pushing yourself, and build your own strength before lifting others.

Sunset in Tokyo, 2018

Recognize you have the power in your own hands to become strong, wealthy, and powerful.

You’re Icarus with the golden wings; fly high — your wings wont melt. Hold tight, and take flight.

Sunset over Uji, Kyoto 2017


Sunset shadow selfie. London, 2018

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