10 Photography Ideas

Some simple photography tips and ideas for you to start shooting more!

1. Shoot from inside a car window, and use the window frame as a “frame in a frame”

When you’re a passenger in a car, shoot looking out!

2. Practice your layering composition at grocery stores

When you go to buy groceries, try to capture the chaos inside a grocery store!

3. Photograph people as they enter or exit

Look for entrances and exits, and wait for the “decisive moment”; when they enter or leave a place. This will add more drama and dynamic tension to your photo:

4. For more dynamic photos, tilt your camera

To heighten the drama in a photo, tilt your camera when you’re shooting!

5. Shoot with a camera with an LCD screen from a high angle, looking down

Hold your camera high in the air, and point downwards, to simplify your photo and scene:

6. Simple silhouettes

Make simple silhouette photos by shooting -1 or -2 exposure compensation when a light source is behind your subject:

7. Shoot photos in “smoker only” areas

Wait for them to blow cigarette smoke, for a more dramatic photo!

8. Photograph your own hand

There’s something beautiful about photographing your own hand, to put your own soul into your pictures.

9. Create a surreal selfie by replacing your head with another visual object

10. Photograph gritty and colorful textures

Get close, use macro mode, and also sometimes experiment using a flash. No matter how boring your environment, it you look close enough, you’ll always find something interesting to shoot!

Conclusion: Make it intimate

Put yourself and your soul into your pictures.

With your photography ask yourself:

Why is this photograph meaningful to me, and what does this photograph show in terms of my relationship to my subjects, and how I see the world?

Make it subjective and personal!


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