Write Your Own History

Don’t let history write you; write your own history my friend!

Write Your Own History

Write your own history
What mysteries of yourself will you unfold?
What hidden gold lies inside your heart
In your mind
That deserves to depart?

Write your own history
Don’t let history happen to you
Don’t get pulled into the tide
Walk confidently, follow your own stride
Ride fast, ride furious
Pursue what you’re curious about
Go apeshit like George
And forge your own weapons in life
With your own ingenuity and your own mind knife

Acknowledge the pain struggle and strife that you’ve been through
But don’t let it hold you back
Let it be the impetus that makes you stronger
Which allows you to hustle, longer and longer
Super saiyan yourself, you’re stronger and stronger

Golden hair and the inner fury
Make today legit
Make it rain like Steve Curry


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