How to Photograph Your Life

Shoot your own life:

I’m in Saigon now, reflecting on my time living in Hanoi, and Vietnam in general. I’m so grateful I can use WordPress media library to create a “Gallery” of all these old Hanoi photos our by searching “Hanoi”:

Which made me realize, the best thing to photograph is your own life!

When I started the CINDY PROJECT, I realized — photographing Cindy and my loved ones was more important than shooting strangers. Thanks to my friend Josh White for teaching me this.

By shooting your life, you’re more aware. You appreciate your loved ones more, and you also are more aware and appreciative of being alive!

The best way to photograph your life is always have your camera strapped onto your neck or wrist at all times, and click whenever you experience something personally meaningful to you.

For a simple camera get a RICOH GR II #ricohmafia

Experience life more. Live more. Go on more adventures. Don’t stay at home. Travel, and sail the seas. Travel close or far, or go on a road trip.

Realize it’s the small moments which are often most meaningful. A meal with family, friends, or even a simple smile.

Love your life, and show gratitude by shooting it.