Bauhaus: the perfect marriage of technology, art, form as well as making functional/beautiful/practical design for the masses.

Significance of Bauhaus

Steve Jobs, mastermind of Apple, modeled Apple products from the Bauhaus aesthetic.

For example Steve Jobs grew up in a home designed by Joseph Eichler, whose philosophy was to create clean, simple, affordable, functional homes for the masses.

Steve Jobs also sought to do something similar: to make beautiful, simple, functional, and aeafhrficslly sublime computer devices for the masses. Consider now, you can buy an iPhone SE for $349, and an iPad for only $329!!! If that’s not affordable, I don’t know what is.

For example, here are designs of Braun, by Dieter Rams. Note the similarity to Apple designed products?

To study Bauhaus is to understand a lot of modern design:

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