Happy 2 years Cinderic: “GOOD LIFE”

To Eric:

What is the good life?
It’s that moment when my eyes meet yours
across the way, and I fall

Not a
tumble into an endless abyss
but a freewheeling floating and bobbing like a sailboat on a sunny afternoon
that sweet wind teasing and tickling
my cheek.

Who is the good life?
It’s you and me, but not. It’s us
creating, imagining, dreaming about everything that could be.
Beyond us, beyond the purple hues of sunsets and crisp daybreaks.
It’s a tree reaching for the heavens
while rooted and grateful for each changing season.

eric kim trees

Where is the good life?
It’s that not so distant memory, when your eyes meet mine
across the table, and you see in me something
a sublime song
that I did not know was there.
And I see in you

Love, Cindy

Saigon, June 14, 2018
Day 3 of our weeklong 2 year anniversary celebration.
[mille-feuille Moriyama cafe]

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