NYC mad men, suit, cigarette, Pentax 645z

New ERIC KIM Street Photography Workshops in NYC 2018

NYC mad men, suit, cigarette, Pentax 645z
NYC, 2017

Dear friend,

I am super pumped to announce my two brand new street photography workshops in NYC in 2018:

Both workshops are a great opportunity for you to conquer your fears in street photography, and for you to discover your own unique voice in photography.

Not only that, but I do genuinely feel that NYC is one of the best cities in the world for street photography. If you’ve never been to NYC, you must go — it is probably going to be the most exciting place for you to take your street photography to the next level. There is a certain pulse, intensity, and energy to the city which will set your photographic fibers on fire!

Special bundled discount for NYC

Laughing lady eric kim. NYC, 2015
Laughing Lady. NYC, 2015

Also I am excited to share that there is a special bundled discount if you signup for both NYC Workshops. This will be great if you are flying from out of town, and want to spend more time in NYC (to both shoot more, and also make the price of your flight worth it). For more information, please contact my workshops manager Neil at . I’ve also made both workshops conveniently on the weekends (Saturday/Sunday) so if you live in New York (or Midwest-East Coast), you will be able to attend both workshops without taking time off work.

If you are a returning student (love to have you again) please contact Neil for your special returning-student discount at

Scholarships/financial aid

NYC, 2015 braids eye
NYC, 2015

If you wish to attend one of the workshops yet are in financial distress or a student with limited financial needs, please contact regarding a scholarship or discount for the workshop. Please contact Neil with specifics on your financial situation, how you will use the experience in the workshop to empower yourself and others (how you will “pay it forward”), and why you are passionate about photography.

Excited to have you,

Entire ERIC KIM 2018 Workshops Schedule

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Conquer your fears and meet new peers:

Workshop Registration & Contact:

ERIC KIM 2018 Workshop Schedule

nyc 2018 conquer your fears

SF Conquer Fears 2018 Eric Kim


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