You are creative every day.

How to Be Creative Every Day

You are creative every day.
You are creative every day.

To me, “happiness” is being creative every day.

But how do we stay inspired every day, avoid boredom, and push our creative limits?

CREATIVE EVERY DAY: Learn How to Photograph, Draw, and Write


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The artistic trifecta

First of all, embrace the artistic trifecta of:

  1. Photography
  2. Drawing
  3. Writing

Photography will help you see the world visually, and make “instant sketches” of what you see in the world.

Drawing will help you create pictures from your own mind and imagination, and will aid your photography visualization.

Writing will give you creative confidence, to express your inner-most thoughts, ideas, and brand yourself.

1. Learn how to see as a photographer

Learn how to see
Learn how to see

To become a better photographer, you must build your visual acuity, and learn how to see. Specifically, to also know what you’re drawn to. What you like to photograph. What visually excites you.

So to be creative every day, just make at least one photograph every day.

Also, reflect on your personal photography goals. Why do you shoot? What dreams and goals do you wish to achieve through your photography?

Photography reflection questions
Photography reflection questions



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2. Draw

Every child is born an artist
Every child is born an artist.

To build your visual acuity and skill, learn how to draw — like a child.

My suggestion: draw, sketch, or trace something everyday. If you’re stuck at bored at the office, use a piece of printer paper, or your notepad.

When you’re bored at home, instead of Netflix and chilling, break out your pens and draw something from your imagination. Keep the “haptic” response of your fingers sharp. Keep your creativity fluid, and let your visual artwork keep flowing.

Single line face sketches by ANNETTE KIM from CREATIVE EVERY DAY

Assignment: Do a single line drawing of a face, and share it on social media, your blog, or with a friend.

3. Write

Write a little every day. You already “write” emails, text messages, tweets, status updates, and add Instagram hashtags. Why not do some personal and creative writing?

Some ideas:

  • Daily diary (write in a notebook, or even text it to yourself, and keep it synced in Evernote, a notes app, or even email the daily diary entries to yourself)
  • Write a poem everyday, and publish it everyday to your blog.
  • Write letters to your past 18 year old self, or letters to your future 80 year old self.

Above all, have fun with it. Don’t make writing a chore.

Why be creative every day?

If you are creative every day, it gives you a chance to have more fun, control, and autonomy in your life. Many of us cannot control our jobs, our living situations, or the drama in our everyday lives, but we can control what art to make, and how to make it.

With art, you have ultimate freedom and the chance to flex your creative muscles.

Being creative every day gives you a chance to explore, learn and have a reason to be excited to wake up in the morning.

If you knew if you would live to be 1,000 years old, wouldn’t you want to have fun, avoid boredom, and create an art work (whether photo, drawing, writing) every day?