Cindy with spoon and matcha tea. Uji, Kyoto 2017
Cindy with spoon and matcha tea. Uji, Kyoto 2017

If there is one thing I want to be remembered for after I die it is this: “Here lies Eric, who showed through his pictures, that we should always love and be appreciative of our loved ones, and always feel gratitude for the blessing of life.”

Cindy in tub. Kyoto, 2017
Kyoto, 2017.

I’m very grateful to have Cindy in my life. She empowers me. She encourages me to make more art, she pushes me to consider myself as an artist, not just a photographer, and she is my dancing partner in life… rejoicing the joy of living, and this blessing it is to be alive.

Cindy working on her translation work. Kyoto, 2017.
Cindy working on her translation work. Kyoto, 2017.

I often feel pettiness, anger, and frustration with her… over stupid small shit. It is a mistake of me, because I get annoyed from small things.

But in making pictures of Cindy, studying philosophy, and remembering MEMENTO MORI— I ask myself,

Why am I so angry over this petty shit? Cindy (or I) can die at any moment. Why even waste a minute feeling spite, anger, or resentment towards her? I should just be more loving, compassionate, and hard… to let the small things slide off my back.

Empower your loved ones and family

My mom at my apartment in Berkeley. 2015
My mom at my apartment in Berkeley. 2015

This is a general thing about life— we often get so angry over the stupid and small shit, that we forget what a blessing it is to be alive, and how grateful we should be to have our loved ones.

eric kim mom glasses

My grandfather died, and my mom had regrets, in terms of what she wanted to tell him, or do for him. I’m making sure NOT to have any regrets with my mom. I always treat her with love, compassion, and try to empower her. Why? She’s sacrificed so much for me, and deserves to live life to the fullest. Cindy and I fund her epic backpacking trips through the world (her epic backpacking trips through Sweden, Switzerland, Nepal, etc). I know she’s gonna die before I do, so why ever feel anger towards my mom?

My mom at her childhood home. Bottom, same spot 2 years later with Cindy.
My mom at her childhood home. Bottom, same spot 2 years later with Cindy.
eric and mom child kid
My mom and me, when I was a kid.
eric kim mom soul memento mori death
Me and my mom, were both gonna look like this one day.

Also, going back to Cindy— why should I ever put her down? I should encourage her to also keep making art. When I empower her, she also empowers me. So in a selfish way, it also helps me. But if helps her. And her being empowered as an artist helps empower others, and the rest of society.

I encourage you to shoot more!

CINDY X HENRI WRIST STRAP by Eric Kim. Kyoto 2017

For me, I want to encourage all photographers to shoot more. To care less what others think of them and their work. To make more pictures with personal meaning. To care less about followers. To shoot photographic Memento Mori. To dance in the streets with their cameras, and exclaim,

I’m so blessed to be alive! Life is great!

What does photography mean to you?

Eric Kim Cindy Red Kyoto Curtain
Cindy and red curtain. Kyoto, 2017

So friend, does photography give you greater happiness, joy, and excitement in your life? If not, why not?

Photography should be used as a stimulus for you to LIVE MORE, CREATE MORE, and make more art!

Never doubt yourself. Be creative everyday, and create like a child.



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