Your life is high stakes; make earthquakes!

Give more than you take,
Make earthquakes.

Only positivity, no hate,
Make earthquakes.

Don’t be meh, be great
Make earthquakes.

Placate your own artistic taste
Make earthquakes.

Make earthquakes,
Make art on time,
Avoid being late.

Make earthquakes,

Make earthquakes.

Art is a marriage
Not a date
So why delay?
Make earthquakes.

Make earthquakes by
Making sweet photos;
Chocolate cake.

Make earthquakes by
Staying alive
And to never creatively die.

To keep your blacks true,
No tie die.

Don’t try, just do.
Stay true to your own inner-hue
And color
Do it for your mother
And for yourself
Be self-reliant
You don’t need no external help.

So friend,
Begin now.

How to do it?

Publish it.
Shoot it.
Share it.

Don’t care if
You get lots of likes
Or not

Don’t get caught up
In the social media hype
Rather, shine bright.

The camera is mightier than the sword,
Hold it tight, and let your creativity fly in the night
Bright lights.