How to Conquer Self-Doubt

In the past, I doubted myself a lot. I always asked others for their opinions, and never asked myself of my own opinion.

Today, I’m one of the most self-realized people I know. Not because I’m smart. I’m probably lower than average intelligence. Not because I’m lucky– I was born into poverty. Not because I’m clever, I just work hard.

Not only that, but I’m more self confident, because I came from a place of self-doubt, and I know that self-doubt can be conquered.

Why I’m so cocky.

I’ve always grown up cocky. Why? I had a good mom. She taught me,

Eric, you can be anything you want to be, as long as you work hard enough.

My mom never doubted me. Thanks mom.

I think to not doubt yourself has to do with having a good upbringing. To have parents that believe in you is a plus.

Yet, that ain’t all.

Secondly, it is to have the faith that you can control, shape, and change your fate. For me, I don’t believe in pre-destination. I’m a Catholic at heart, with a drive of hustle and hunger that I don’t know alone else who has, besides maybe Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, and Kanye West.

You can control your fate.

I’m like Steve Jobs with his “reality distortion field”– I feel like I can change reality with my mind.

Now I’m not hallucinating. I don’t take drugs. I’ve only smoked weed four times in my life, never dropped acid, mushrooms, and nowadays I don’t drink alcohol anymore.

Instead, I believe that you can change your life and fate with enough hard work, hustle, and of course– self-confidence.

Some ideas:

1. Stop caring what others think of you

You should care most about what you think of you.

Don’t care what others think of you.

So when you wake up in the morning, look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself:

Do I like who I am, and what I do? Am I proud of myself?

I don’t know about you, but I’m fucking proud of myself. I came from a modest background, where my mom hustled 6 days a week, working menial minimum wage jobs, to support my sister and me. I grew up with a father who gambled away the rent money. My dad gambled away $3,000 I gave him when I was 16 years old, thinking that he was going to invest it in a business.

I’m fucking proud that I hustled my ass off. I’m proud that I’m an Eagle scout, that I worked part time while a full time student at UCLA, and I took out loans to pay for college. I’m proud that I now (thanks Cindy) earn over $200,000+ USD a year — because I had the confidence to charge more money for workshops, and finally start valuing myself and not selling myself cheap.

Above all, I’m glad that I seek to help and empower others. I can care less about what others think of me, because I think highly of myself, and my work ethic and hustle.

To sum up, I’m proud of myself because I work hard.

2. Lose body fat

I’m also proud of myself that I have a 6-pack. Since my wedding, I’ve lost 15 pounds of fat. How? Not eating breakfast or lunch anymore– abstaining from sugar, carbs, and alcohol.

Also I’m proud I can deadlift 405 pounds at a body weight of 145 pounds. I’m probably stronger in my deadlift than Bruce Lee.

Obviously this is just me.

But to be honest, I think everyone would have more self-confidence if they lost body fat, and built physical strength.

Cindy has built strength doing yoga push-ups, and one legged squats. Me too.

Easy way to lose body fat: stop drinking beer, eating bread, pasta, sugar, sweets, cookies, soda, and simple carbs.

Instead, eat more fatty meats, eggs, and veggies.

3. Write your own obituary.

Imagine that you’re gonna die at age 80. What would you want on your tomb stone?

For me, I’d like something like:

Here lies Eric Kim. He devoted his life to promoting generosity, open-source information to empower others. His legacy of helping others will live on.

What would it be for you?