eric kim photography composition fibonacci1


eric kim photography composition fibonacci1

high roller, you don’t need no trip abroad.

eric kim dark skies over tokyo street photography black and white monochrome

You have a Dionysian creative spirit,
It’s already inside you; you’re near it.

Can you hear it? The voice telling you to shoot more
To care less more
Of what others think of your art.

Know that your art is a part if you
That locks tight; superglue.

eric kim photography composition diagonal01

Dear friend, become a super you
Capture quixotic blues, and cast away the morning gloom.

Stay strapped to your camera in hand,
And fuck having a “master plan” in life

Rather, just take everyday as it comes,
Your creativity ever-flowing, Dionysian coke and rum.

eric kim photography black and white hanoi-0009506 hand

Why do you delay? You’ve already begun.

So shun the haters and art critic masturbators
You’re your own photography self-elator.

You have no glass ceiling;
Unlimited Willy Wonka creative elevator.

Cindy Project Monochrome black and white

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