Learn with Richard Bram, Jack Simon, and Vineet Vohra in SF (June 6-12, 2016)


If you haven’t heard about the SF StreetFoto International Street Photography Festival 2016, don’t miss out. June 6-12 will be jam-packed with exciting workshops, exhibitions, and pub-crawls. If you’ve wanted to meet other passionate street photographers from all around the globe, don’t miss your chance.

There are a few spots left for the SF workshops with Richard Bram, Jack Simon, and Vineet Vohra. I can personally vouch for all the teachers– they are not only supportive and encouraging teachers, but all talented photographers (a rare combination):

Richard Bram


Richard Bram is a street photographer from New York and a part of the epic In-Public street photography collective. He’s got decades worth of street photography experience under his belt, and has a deep understanding of street photography history, and his poignant eye helps him capture the absurdity of everyday life.

Richard Bram Workshop

  • 4-Day Street Photography Workshop (June 8-June 11, 2016) – $1050 (if purchased before May 8)

Register on the StreetFoto Workshops Page >>

Richard Bram Portfolio

Bram01 Bram04 Bram11 d_ArblayStSoho HoustonSt2009

Jack Simon


Jack Simon is a unique street photographer who combines his background in psychiatry and his unique surreal color street photography. He has a kind heart, is down-to-earth, and will help you see beyond street photography.

Jack Simon Workshops

  • 1-Day Street Photography Workshop (June 10, 2016) – $295 (if purchased before May 8)
  • 2-Day Street Photography Workshop (June 11-12) – $495 (if purchased before May 8)

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Jack Simon Portfolio

JaS_01_03 JaS_01_10

JaS_02_02 JaS_02_07 JaS_02_08 JaS_02_11 JaS_03_01

Vineet Vohra


Vineet Vohra is the founder of APF (Art Photo Feature Magazine), and is one of the backbones of the street photography community. His colorful photos from India incorporate complex layers with visual storytelling. If you want to add more complexity to your images, make sure to learn with him.

Vineet Vohra Workshop

  • 3-Day “The Art of Storytelling” Street Photography Workshop (June 10-12, 2016) – $595 (if purchased before May 8)

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Vineet Vohra Portfolio

VV+kashmir+sep+1 VV+del+march+9+14 VV+del+3+aug VV+calcutta+july+1

If you want to get involved, Learn more about the SF International StreetFoto Festival 2016 >>

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