Observations Vol. 1 No. 1 by the Observe Collective Out Now


(Cover Photo by Oguz Ozkan)

We’ve always love the hard work that Observe Collective puts out. They understand that photography is not just shooting but also showing your work. Presenting your observations if you will.

Which is why we’re happy to know that the Observe collective Magazine aptly named, Observations recently went up online.

This issue isn’t a typical glossy magazine found in the stands with cover stories and feature articles. They had their members write about their personal relationship with photography. Some of them explore their fascination as to where the interest to photography came from like Danielle Houghton’s work or Ilya Shtutsa’s relationship with his mentor and how it is helping him tell visual stories in a deeper manner.

It’s quite a long read at 148 pages but it is interesting and thoughtful. Thankfully, you can download a pdf version on their website.

Once again, congratulations to Observe collective on their first issue and we are looking forward to what they have next!

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