5 thoughts on “Video: Paris Street Photography GoPro POV #2”

  1. Eric, you machine gunned the old couple on the metro, that was disrespectful. You show ZERO skill or street experience in the video, only gun and run. If you teach that kind of stuff on your workshops then I pitty the student attending.

    I wonder what the French police would do if they see a YouTube video that shows you promoting illegal activity. You can’t claim ignorance of French law on street photography. Any street tog that knows his stuff, knows France has strict photo laws.

    I’d recommend you take down the video. It shows you with zero skills and doing something illegal. Not something you want to promote!

  2. Guillaume Brière

    @street photo : I’m french. What you said is bullshit. But that’s forbidden to take photo in the subway.

  3. Hey Eric, killer to see you working the scene and going into the stream sort of style. It’s cool to imagine the framing and what it will look like in black and white. Keep it up my friend, good work and thanks for sharing.

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