Damien Vignol Street Photography Video Interview in Stockholm

In Stockholm I had the chance to catch up with Damien Vignol, a street photographer who has traveled through Europe, Asia, and now is in Stockholm. See my past interview with Damien here, and read more to see his new photos from Japan:










See more of Damien’s work on his website.

6 thoughts on “Damien Vignol Street Photography Video Interview in Stockholm”

  1. Has the woman whose rear is shown here signed a release and approved the photograph? These are people, not objects and taking and publishing a photo of a woman’s privates is not acceptable bevahiour without her permission. Not to mention downright creepy.

    1. its good point, but it does raise the question that if she was in public, with whatever body parts clearly on display, surely taking a photo is acceptable? Obviously sticking your camera up some woman’s skirt or down some guys pants is clearly not acceptable, however if there is a person in a public place with whatever clearly on show then surely different rules apply?

  2. (with reference to the controversial photo mentioned by Lillian) it could be said that dressing in such a ‘fashionable’ way, the individual has objectified themselves?

  3. Re: That photo. I think you would need to ask the photographer his motive for taking the shot, rather than assuming that he is being creepy. He might be perving, but then again he might be making a social statement. Personally, I hope he was going down the social commentary road…

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