Before/After: NYC Intermediate/Advanced Street Photography Workshop 2014

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Photo by Costa Gavras

I just finished my NYC Intermediate/Advanced Street Photography Workshop this past weekend, and was so impressed to see the progress all the students have made. The focus of the workshop was finding your own style and voice– and it was centered on working on a mini-project.

Check out all the students’ before/after work below! If you want to take your street photography to the next level, you can also see my upcoming workshops here.

Art Newberg


Art Newberg-1 Art Newberg-2 Art Newberg-3 Art Newberg-4 Art Newberg-5 Art Newberg-6

After: “Billboards” project

Art Newberg-1 Art Newberg-2 Art Newberg-3

Costa Gavras


Costa Gavras-1 Costa Gavras-2 Costa Gavras-3 Costa Gavras-4 Costa Gavras-5

After: “Flash street portraits” project

Costa Gavras-1 Costa Gavras-2 Costa Gavras-3 Costa Gavras-4 Costa Gavras-5

Dominika Zielinska


Dominika Zielinska-1 Dominika Zielinska-2 Dominika Zielinska-3 Dominika Zielinska-4 Dominika Zielinska-5

After: “Blue” project

Dominika Zielinska-1 Dominika Zielinska-2 Dominika Zielinska-3 Dominika Zielinska-4 Dominika Zielinska-5

Marilyn DeMario


Marilyn DeMario-1 Marilyn DeMario-2 Marilyn DeMario-3 Marilyn DeMario-4 Marilyn DeMario-5

After: “Readers” project

Marilyn Demario - Readers-1 Marilyn Demario - Readers-2 Marilyn Demario - Readers-3

Matthew Levi


Matthew Levi-1 Matthew Levi-2 Matthew Levi-3 Matthew Levi-4 Matthew Levi-5


Matt Levi - NYC-1 Matt Levi - NYC-2 Matt Levi - NYC-3 Matt Levi - NYC-4 Matt Levi - NYC-5

Randy Rubirosa


Randy Rubirosa-1 Randy Rubirosa-2 Randy Rubirosa-3 Randy Rubirosa-4 Randy Rubirosa-5

After: “Last Day” project

Randy Rubirosa - Last Day-1 Randy Rubirosa - Last Day-2 Randy Rubirosa - Last Day-3

Rob Bettigole


Rob Bettigole-1 Rob Bettigole-2 Rob Bettigole-3 Rob Bettigole-4 Rob Bettigole-5

After: “Library” Project

Rob Bettigole - Library-1 Rob Bettigole - Library-2 Rob Bettigole - Library-3

Rolando Cordova


Rolando Cordova-1 Rolando Cordova-2 Rolando Cordova-3 Rolando Cordova-4 Rolando Cordova-5

After: “Serious NYC” project

Rolando Cordova - Serious-People-NY-1 Rolando Cordova - Serious-People-NY-2 Rolando Cordova - Serious-People-NY-3
Rolando Cordova - Serious-People-NY-4

Shannon O Toole


Shannon O Toole-1 Shannon O Toole-2 Shannon O Toole-3 Shannon O Toole-4 Shannon O Toole-5

After: “Colorful portraits” series

Shannon O Toole - Color Portraits-1 Shannon O Toole - Color Portraits-2 Shannon O Toole - Color Portraits-3 Shannon O Toole - Color Portraits-4 Shannon O Toole - Color Portraits-5

Stephen Krupnick



Stephen Krupnick - Portraits-1 Stephen Krupnick - Portraits-2 Stephen Krupnick - Portraits-3 Stephen Krupnick - Portraits-4 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Will Kortum


Will Kortum-1 Will Kortum-2 Will Kortum-3 Will Kortum-4 Will Kortum-5

After: “Red and Blue” project

Will Kortum - Red-Blue-1 Will Kortum - Red-Blue-2 Will Kortum - Red-Blue-3 Will Kortum - Red-Blue-4 Will Kortum - Red-Blue-5

Upcoming Street Photography Workshops in 2014

If you want to conquer your fears in street photography, meet new peers, and take your work to the next level– join me at one of my upcoming workshops below!

February 28-March 3rd

Amsterdam – Introduction to Street Photography Workshop – SOLD OUT!

March 7-14th

Dubai – Gulf Photo Plus Workshops (Intro, Intermediate/Adv) – CLOSED!

March 28th-30th

New York City – Introduction to Street Photography Workshop – CLOSED!

April 4-6th

New York City – Intermediate/Advanced Street Photography Workshop – SOLD OUT

April 14-18th 

Istanbul – Week-Long Travel Street Photography Workshop with Charlie Kirk – SOLD OUT – Contact for Waiting List!

May 2-4th

Toronto – Introduction to Street Photography Workshop – SOLD OUT – Contact for Waiting List!

May 16-18th

Los Angeles – Introduction to Street Photography Workshop – OPEN!

May 23-25th

Los Angeles – Intermediate/Advanced Street Photography Workshop – OPEN!

June 6-8th

Vancouver (BC) – Introduction to Street Photography Workshop – OPEN!

June 30-July 4th

Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam – Week-Long Travel Street Photography Workshop – OPEN!

July 11-13th

Singapore – Introduction to Street Photography Workshop – OPEN!

July 25-27th

Seoul – Introduction to Street Photography Workshop  OPEN! – (Featuring Josh White)

August 15-17th

Tokyo – Introduction to Street Photography Workshop – OPEN!

August 22-24th

Hong Kong – Intermediate/Advanced Street Photography Workshop with Gary Tyson – OPEN!

August 29-31st

Sydney – Introduction to Street Photography Workshop – OPEN!

September 5-7th

Melbourne – Intermediate/Advanced Street Photography Workshop – OPEN!

October 10-12th

San Francisco – Intermediate/Advanced Street Photography Workshop – Register Intent

November 7-9th

London – Introduction to Street Photography Workshop  – OPEN!

November 14-16th

London – Intermediate/Advanced Street Photography Workshop – OPEN!

December 15-19th

Bangkok – Week-Long Travel Street Photography Workshop – Register Intent

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