Street Interview with Mike Gesgregen in Berkeley

I interview Mike Gesgregen, a homeless man in Berkeley– who shares the secret of happiness in this video above.

4 thoughts on “Street Interview with Mike Gesgregen in Berkeley”

  1. Eric, you seem to be riding this hobby horse of finding peace through poverty, while at the same time you look down your nose at those who providentially have more than you do. Why don’t you stick to the subject of photography instead of riding the “have’s vs. have not’s” philosophy train. With respect to this video, I am sorry for the man’s impoverished estate. Does he live off of working taxpayers? He seems able-bodied to me. He should find a job, don’t you think? I found his testimony uninspiring and full of pride. Folks that live in poverty are oft times MORE proud of their low estate than folks that are proud of their high estate. If he doesn’t work, he shouldn’t eat. That’ll get him motivated real quick.

    Stick to the subject of photography.

  2. you only live once….so this is how he choose to live. He mention he is a go getter?! standing in front of maccas until they hand him a sandwich?! Loll. Nothing inspirational about this.

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