Eric’s Note: I recently met Swarat Ghosh in my Intermediate/Advanced worskhop in Mumbai. When we were doing portfolio reviews, I was quite blown away with his work — especially considering that he has only been shooting street for a little over a year. He is based in Hyderabad, and is one of the most fervent and hard-working street photographers I have met. His work definitely shows it.

Swarat: I am a Visual Designer by profession, working in a reputed IT company in Hyderabad. Mostly been influenced by my parents and sister who have always encouraged me to do the best in my life.Later, my hidden talent in photography was discovered when my wife gifted me a DSLR camera Nikon d3000 with 35mm prime lens in Oct, 2010. Since then, I am nurturing the passion for photography.

Regular interactions with social networking sites and encouragements from some amazing photographers of the world helped me fine tune my passion. As an amateur, I used to take a lot of pictures without any particular knowledge related to different genres of photography. But slowly started realising my fascination for street photography when I came in touch of the website “That’s Life”, curated by one of the best contemporary street photographers in India Mr. Kaushal Parikh.

The site features collective photographic contents from some great street photographers like Arindam Thokdar, Suyog Gaidhani, Prashant Godbole, Mark Cary & many more. I would also like to mention the names of Chirodeep Chaudhuri and Manu Thomas along with others. Other than the contemporary photographers, masters like Henri Cartier Bresson, Robert Capa, Alex Webb, Raghu Rai and Raghubir Singh’s works also encouraged me.

In Street Photography, I love shooting photographs that are complex in composition and layered with multiple elements depicting stories.

For me, India can be the Mecca for street photographers as it is a country with so many diversities. The crowded, congested city roads can give a photographer a number of shots in every minute. Both the rural and the urban India can display the stunning vibrancy  of different forms, colours, patterns and stories which will attract the street photographers across the globe.

I don’t think I am the right person to give any tips or advice as I am learning the medium and consider myself an amateur, still from my experience i can say “keep it simple” on the roads and don’t get demoralised if you’re not getting perfect shots in a day.

Finally a thank you note for Eric who is just not only a great teacher but also a great motivator as well. It was a wonderful experience attending his workshop in Mumbai last week.

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