Thank You Guys For Everything! Moving from Los Angeles to Michigan

I am excited and also sad to announce that as of today morning I am moving from my hometown of the last 6 years (Los Angeles) to Michigan to support my beautiful girlfriend Cindy and her Ph.D. studies (Vietnamese Colonial History) at Michigan State. I have had an incredible last 6 years in Los Angeles, and the people I have met and connected with have truly helped me grow not only as a photographer, but as a fellow human being.

I am leaving behind lots of great friends in LA- but I will be back as often as I can! However in all honesty, I will probably miss everyone in LA more than they miss me (as they now have a phenomenal street photography community to support one another).

I am also very excited for my new life in Michigan, and especially excited to do more collaborations with my good friends and fellow street photographers in Detroit such as Brian Day and Andy Kochanowski. I look forward in doing more positive photography projects (part street and part documentary) about the people of Detroit– and their incredible positive energy & openness.

I think this move to Michigan will be another pivotal point in my life (and street photography career) and I wanted to thank you (yeah you) for your never-ending love and support through your comments, Facebook messages, Tweets, emails, and words of encouragement! I could never do anything without you, and owe you my life!