Interview with Matteï Batruch, Street Photographer from Geneva

I just came back to Marseilles from Istanbul after staying a week with my good friend two cute dogs. I had the time of my life, being able to meet other passionate local Turkish photographers, eating the delicious food there, and also shooting a ton (I shot 35 rolls of Portra 400 film there – avg of 5-6 rolls a day). Special thanks once again to Charlie for the hospitality he showed me and the great places he showed me to shoot!

I was also glad to have my buddy Matteï Batruch, a young street photographer currently studying medicine in Geneva, Switzerland. Last year he attended one of my street photography workshops in Downtown LA, and it was great being able to re-unite with him in Istanbul.

Check out my interview with Mattei above, where we talk about how he got started in street photography, some of the people he gains inspiration from, as well as projects he is currently working on.

I am inspired to see how much experimentation he has done the last year in street photography, and his photographic development as well. Some of my favorite shots from him are below!

Color Street Photography by Matteï




Black & White Street Photography by Matteï


old town




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Let us know what you thought of the interview with Mattei, and also which his images resonate most with you in the comments below!