What’s In My Bag? 2-Month Street Photography Journey to Korea, Paris, Marseilles, and Istanbul!

Hey streettogs – will be traveling for about 2 months to Korea, Paris, Marseilles, and Istanbul. Loaded up my bag with 100 rolls of Portra 400 (35mm), 25 rolls of Portra 400 (120 film) and my trusty Leica and new Hasselblad (thanks Jeroen) that I got for teaching a workshop in Amsterdam! I also share what else I carry with me when I am traveling for this expedition. A partial list of what I am bringing is shown below:




Sorry for the audio sync issues, not sure what is the problem. Will try to sort it out next time!

Also thanks to support from my sponsor CSLR that helps me fund my travels! If you would like to support me and CSLR (a fantastic company) pick up a CSLR Glide Strap + C-Loop for your street photography. Curious? Make sure to check out my CSLR Glide Strap Review.

If you have any questions about traveling and shooting street photography, leave a comment below!


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