Featured Street Photographer: AikBeng Chia from the Mobile Photo Group

(“All He Ever Wanted” – Copyright AikBeng Chia / MPG)

Eric’s Note: I am proud to share the work of AikBeng Chia aka “ABC”. He is part of the MPG (Mobile Photo Group) and is currently shooting in Singapore. I had the great pleasure of meeting ABC when I was in Singapore for my last street photography workshop with Leica, and even more honored to have him as one of my guest speakers/co-teachers at the workshop as well! He has never had any formal training in photography, yet creates visually seductive images that are full of light, humanity, and soul. 

ABC: My name is AikBeng Chia, aka ABC. I’m born on a little island called Singapore. I like to wander the streets of Singapore, allowing myself to be seduced by the scenes the city I live in provides me.

I started mobile phone photography in late 2008 when i purchased my 1st iPhone 2G. I never had training in photography. But it wasn’t until 2010 I started taking mobile phone photography seriously. Using only an iPhone as my tool for creating images of the daily lives of people on the streets of Singapore.

(“Let’s Wrap It Up” – Copyright AikBeng Chia / MPG)


In 2011, I joined the Mobile Photo Group (MPG). MPG is an international collective of photographers using the mobile device to shoot street or documentary photography.

“Photography to me is democratic and the mobile phone is my eyes, my diary and my voice.”

(“It’s Showtime” – Copyright AikBeng Chia / MPG)(“Light Through Darkness, A Mothers Love” – Copyright AikBeng Chia / MPG) (“Peek A Boo” – Copyright AikBeng Chia / MPG)

(“The Canadian” – Copyright AikBeng Chia / MPG)  (“The Conversation” – Copyright AikBeng Chia / MPG)(“The Reflex” –  Copyright AikBeng Chia / MPG)
(“Tourists” –  Copyright AikBeng Chia / MPG)
(“Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” –  Copyright AikBeng Chia / MPG)


Check Out more of AikBeng Chias work with the links below!

Twitter – @aikbengchia

Mobile Photo Group 


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