Street Photography Weekly Assignment #4: “Legs” Winners

(Above Image Copyrighted By Anna Delany)

Charlie Atkinson: Hi guys, I hope everyone is having a good weekend, we decided that the photo above by Anna Delany has won the fourth week of the assignment series, so huge congratulations to her!

We both really liked her image, as well as the runners up images below! I really liked Anna Delanys as I love the composition and the fact she manage to get the top right leg in the frame, this is my “cherry on top”. Next weeks assignment chosen by Anna Delany will be uploaded on Tuesday!

(Copyright: Ian Jay Tariman Traqueña)


(Copyright: Wim Nuytens)

9 thoughts on “Street Photography Weekly Assignment #4: “Legs” Winners”

    1. How would Eric or his cadre of the pedestrian know which of the relatively weak shots are the best anyway? You’re assuming Eric has “an eye,” which he actually doesn’t.

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