Leica M9 Titanium Unboxed In All Its Sexiness

The Leica M9 Titanium (only $26,500 in the US)

If you thought that the Leica M9 was expensive, check out the limited edition Leica M9 Titanium. The difference? There has only been a limited quantity of 500 Leica M9’s produced, and each are individually numbered and packaged with a Summilux-M 35mm f/1.4 titanium lens. Oh yeah, and it costs $26,500 (compared to the $6900 Leica M9). Only the seriously wealthy and eccentric photographers can probably get their paws on this, but for the rest of us commoners, we can still dream. Check out this unboxing video below.

via Engadget

So if you had $26,500 just lying around, would you ever consider getting this camera? Tell us if you hate the Leica M9 Titanium or love it by leaving a comment below!

15 thoughts on “Leica M9 Titanium Unboxed In All Its Sexiness”

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  2. I’m ony interested in paying more for tools that will help me take better photos. This looks like it would stay in a display case – no thanks.

  3. I wouldn’t buy it if I had a trillion $ and I’m sure most people buying this camera are not even able take pictures worth looking at. Leica is just snobbery of the worst kind – you get image quality worth $2500 with this camera and pay 10 times as much – absolutely crazy.

  4. Ummm…. would buy a new car….. put a down payment on a house…. but I would NEVER spend $26k on a camera…. Leica makes a beautiful product, and is smart enough to keep the price of their products way over inflated. M9? Great camera. Worth $7k? Not a chance.

  5. all the 13.500.000 dollars spent on all these crazy snobbish devices sure could be enough to get all the homeless that live around those buyers out of their poverty and misery and maybe their despair.

    1. I’m sorry andré, I understand this is a huge sum of money for a camera, but why is it considered snobbish? If a man has worked hard all his life and decides he wants such an (insane;incredible) product, why must he be snobbish? Incoherent, maybe. I myself cannot afford such a camera, but I can say that whoever can is a lucky person, not selfish one.

  6. I would definitely buy this if I had the money, even though it seems frivolous it isn’t. Leica limited editions only go up in price, and all the people who have blasted it obviously don’t know that. And to be honest, 26k $ is not a lot of money for a rich guy, it’s reasonable money for any passionate person who wants a luxury tool. If women can spend thousands of $ on handbags, I see no reason not to spend on this baby. Leica’s are for Leica lovers. I personally own the Leica M3 with a 50mm Summilux f/1.4 and it lasts a lifetime! mine is over 40 years old already, I’m sure it’ll be the same with the M9. Although they should make it future proof by allowing sensor upgrades in the same body.

  7. and another thing

    “this Leica is a timeless icon of photography”

    No. It clearly isn’t. That’s so absurd it’s worth meditating on.

    If he means by this “Leica is a famous brand” at least that part is true. But it’s the little red logo and the certificate that costs 26k, not the camera. It is neither timeless, nor an icon, and only time will determine whether it will be either. It’s marketing uber-BS of the highest order.

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