Disposable Camera Street Photography by Eric Kim

$5 Disposable Camera from Walgreens. My new street photography camera.

When it comes to street photography, I am a huge advocate that it doesn’t matter what camera you have for street photography. You don’t need a $6900 Leica M9 to do street photography–whatever camera you have on you will work. In-fact, there is no “best” camera for street photography, as every camera out there has its own pros/cons.

To help bring some light to the issue that what camera you use for street photography doesn’t matter, I decided to do a new project involving disposable cameras. First inspired by the Mosaic photography contest, where contestants in Beirut, Lebanon had to take photos with disposable cameras– I was quite amazed by the results. And at $5, disposable cameras are certainly cheap. Sure buying a ton of them and developing the film isn’t, but I thought it might be a fun exercise regardless.

All the images taken below were with a disposable $5 Walgreens camera. I am quite pleased how they came out (no post-processing applied):

San Diego

"America" - Downtown San Diego
"You're Not Alone" - Downtown San Diego
"Chilling" - Downtown San Diego

Santa Monica

"Entry" - Santa Monica
"Exit" - Santa Monica
"No Limits" - Santa Monica
"The Red Flag" - Santa Monica
"Framed" - Santa Monica
"Reflections" - Santa Monica
"Gridlock" - Santa Monica
"Skating" - Santa Monica (shot with Flash)


"Window View" - Lebanon
"Levitation" - Lebanon
"Secret Agent"
"Salon" - Lebanon
"Crosses" - Lebanon
"United Colors" - Lebanon
"People on the Bus" - Lebanon
"Stop" - Lebanon
"Edgar Tueni" - Lebanon
"Raised Portrait" - Lebanon
"Curtains" - Lebanon
"Red and Blue" - Lebanon
"The Streets" - Lebanon

Let me know what you think about the photos by leaving a comment below! I really appreciate your feedback :)

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