KOREA GOT SEOUL – Black and White Street Photography from Korea

KOREA GOT SEOUL - Black and White Street Photography by Eric Kim

Hey fotog friends,

Hope you guys all had a wonderful Labor-Day weekend! I just got back from the Bay Area (my hometown) after hanging out and visiting friends and family I haven’t seen for quite a while. Was planning on doing some street photography in San Francisco, but catching a cold over the weekend prevented me from doing so.

Anyways, before I left on Saturday to the Bay, I had enough time between Thursday and Friday to work on this slideshow of my street photography from Korea last summer. What the hell was I doing in Korea you ask? Well, I decided to visit Seoul, Korea for about two months in order to meet up with some long-lost family and friends, tutor English to some kids (while making some $$$ along the way),  and of course, photography.

Little did I know, but Korea was a gold-mine for street photography. Due to the fact that there is over 48 million people crammed in a tiny little peninsula barely the size of Florida, there are people EVERYWHERE. On the weekends I would always wander around Seoul, taking people from the jam-packed subways of Korea to the vast urban jungle of the streets. Not only did I have a ton of great photo ops, I had the great pleasure of meeting some of the friendliest people on earth, while grubbing on the best food in the world (excuse my bias). If you ever plan on going to Seoul, Korea anytime, check out this amazing list that my friend Diana Yang compiled in a convenient Word Doc (disclaimer: in a mix of English amd Korean). You can download it here.

This slideshow has been the 3rd slideshow that I have made so far. The first slideshow I have ever made with my street photography was titled “Street Lights” (with a cover of Kanye West’s song in the background by my friend Jonathan Christopher Chau). The second slideshow that I also recently put together was titled “Europe Through My Lens,” my street photography from a backpacking trip in Europe. Also for those who are wondering, I used Photodex’s ProShow Producer (which I highly recommend) to put it together.

So what are you waiting for? Watch the video below and let me know what you think! Show some love and leave me a comment below, and also feel free to retweet this or post it on Facebook!

Much Love,


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