Cindy and I wanted to create an ideal camera strap for street photographers. Thus, the Henri strap was born. The Henri strap is functional, fashionable, and has character. Made from durable 100% leather, this coffee-colored strap will age beautifully as you take it on your photographic adventures.

Henri Neck Strap

eric kim melbourne benjamin thompson
Portrait of me with the Henri Neck Strap by Benjamin Thompson

The Henri neck strap is light, comfortable, and ideal for smaller cameras. Note that the neck strap is designed to be shorter as to sit in front of your chest. This is optimized for the quickest access to your camera when shooting street photography. For most people, the neck strap might be too short to be worn across your body as a shoulder strap.

Compatability: The Henri  Neck and Wrist Straps fit any small to medium camera that has side lugs. It does NOT fit DSLR’s nor the Ricoh GR. It fits all Fujifilm cameras (X-Pro series, X100-series, etc), all Micro 4/3rds cameras (Olympus, Panasonic, etc), all Leica cameras (Leica Q, M, film M, etc), and most film cameras.

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Henri Wrist Strap

The Henri Wrist Strap keeps your camera in your hand, so you will never miss the next decisive moment:

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Purchasing options


Currently the “Henri” neck and wrist strap can be purchased on Amazon (for USA and Canada orders only):

If you live outside of USA or Canada, you can order the Henri strap through our Shop (anywhere in the world, accepts PayPal, Credit Card, and Debit Card). We hand package and ship from California in 1-3 business days after receiving your order:

We hope the “Henri” strap will be a friend that can accompany you in all of your life’s journeys– and we hope this is the last strap you will ever need for your camera.

The story behind the Henri Strap


Each Henri strap is hand-made by two of our friends, Lan and Uyen who are a leather craftsmen and artists in Saigon. Cindy and I are their clients and collaborators, and we worked together with them to design the strap. Since they are our friends and collaborators, they have always set the price for the straps to cover their costs and labor. Their price is not a wholesale, factory price, but a fair wage for handmade quality goods made in small batches. 

Our price also covers the costs of Amazon fees, international shipping, international taxes, packaging, our labor, and my sister’s labor to package and ship from California (it’s become a bit of a family project).

Eric and I live in Vietnam currently, and are very cognizant of global inequality, especially in labor practices. That’s why we continue to collaborate with our friends and support their honest and beautiful work.

For International and non-Amazon orders:

  • Shipping:
    • USA: 1-3 business days (US Postal Service First Class)
    • International: 7-21 business days
  • Note:
    • For international shipping, there might be a possibility of an import/customs tax that the recipient would need to pay on arrival. The customs requirement might require additional shipping time.

If you have any questions about ordering, contact Cindy at: by.erickim@gmail.com

Henri Neck Strap Photos



Henri Wrist Strap Photos


Reviews of the Henri Strap

Max with the Henri – Germany @maximiliankamps

The Henri Strap from Photographers All Around the World #henristrap

Photo by Pierre Daxhelet from Belgium
Photo by Pierre Daxhelet from Belgium