Never Stop Learning

Learning is growth. The more you learn, the more inspired you become. The more ideas you culminate in your mind, and the more your view of the world expands.

Shoot Today

Carpe diem. Seize the day. Today is the only day that exists, tomorrow might not come.

Create Your Own Visual Diary

The other night I met one of my good friends Geoffrey for dinner, and he’s been having a tough time with his photography. He’s busy with work, traveling, and barely has any time to make photographs.

Lean Photography

To me, creativity is all about cross-pollination of ideas in novel ways.

Student Photos: SF Discover Your Voice Workshop 2016

Just finished an action-packed weekend with my great students from my SF “Discover Your Unique Voice” workshop. I’m proud of how hard they worked to push themselves out of their comfort zones, as well as how they were able to hone their vision this past weekend. Here are my personal favorite images from the workshop:

Push Your Limits

Dear friend, After 10 years of shooting street photography, one thing I’m starting to realize is that I’m becoming a bit complacent with my work. I have a few projects behind me which I think are quite strong, and I think haven’t pushed myself hard enough to innovate in my work. I need to push… Read more about Push Your Limits

Shoot Thyself

Dear friend, Let me share some thoughts on the importance of self-discovery in photography with you.

Photography is a Bridge

Dear friend, I wanted to share a thought with you: that rather than focusing on photography, we should focus on having a fulfilling, passionate, and fully-engaging life.

Reminder: Last Day to Submit for Streetfoto SF Competition

The last day for submission to the contests is on April 20 (Today) at 23:59pm US Pacific Time. Streetfoto San Francisco 2016  extended their due date to all of their competitions to accommodate more entries! I suggest you go ahead and do some last minute submissions and click the link for more info.

Fail Forward

In Silicon Valley we have a saying: “Fail forward.” I think it is a beautiful saying– because it isn’t telling us that failure is okay for failure’s sake, but that we should learn from our failings, and learn how to move forward.

Make Someone Feel Beautiful

Dear friend, I just did an interview with my buddy Michael and one of the things he asked me was, “How has your approach in photography changed the last 2 years?” Fantastic question– this is what I told him:

Less, But Better

Dear friend, I’ve been on a bit of a “minimalist” binge. Part of me is that I’m frustrated with all this crap I have in my life— material crap, emotional crap, and negativity I have built up inside my head over all the years.

The More You Give, the More You Will Receive

Dear friend, I want to write you this letter about how being generous is one of the best “investment strategies” and how the more you give, the more you will receive in return.

Streettogs Academy No. 19

Youngjae wants us to photograph the invisible. For this month’s assignment, it’s going to be wind! (Details of joining and more info after the jump!)

Wabi-Sabi For Photographers

Dear friend, I’ve been really fascinated in this Japanese concept of “wabi-sabi” for quite a while. Simply put: “wabi-sabi” is the Japanese/Zen aesthetic of beauty of imperfection, impermanence, and the natural. If you have a favorite pair of jeans that has worn into your body over the years, that is “wabi-sabi.” If you have an… Read more about Wabi-Sabi For Photographers

Special 1-Day Street Portrait Crash Course Workshop in SF (April 30, 2016)

Dear streettogs, Due to popular demand, I’m excited to announce a new special 1-day Street Portrait Crash Course workshop in San Francisco (Saturday, April 30). If you have a busy schedule, and want to conquer your fears of approaching strangers, this workshop will be perfect for you. Don’t miss your chance to attend my last workshop… Read more about Special 1-Day Street Portrait Crash Course Workshop in SF (April 30, 2016)

Kaushal Parikh About His New Book, Leaving Something for His Son, and Running A Collective

Kausal Parikh is one of the names the pops up when talking about contemporary street photography in India. Being the founder of the Indian Street Photography collective That’s life  and balancing that with the responsibilities of being a father and an active street photographer did not seem to deter KP in pursuing self-publishing his very own photo… Read more about Kaushal Parikh About His New Book, Leaving Something for His Son, and Running A Collective

Photography for Photography’s Sake

Often we feel like we need reasons why we take photos. We need a purpose; a sense of direction. But my tip for today is this: photograph for photography’s sake.

Make Simple Photos

Dear friend, I think in today’s world, we are always trying to make things more complicated than they need to be. We get more gadgets to “optimize” our lives, but it only adds more complication and frustration to our lives. We look for the “perfect camera” — but we find that the newer cameras have… Read more about Make Simple Photos

Video: How to Master Monochrome

Dear friends, I just recorded a new YouTube video titled: “How to Master Monochrome” — which is a 45-minute presentation based on my recent book: “Monochrome Manual.” If you are more of an audio-visual learner, I hope this format will help you.

The Perfect Camera

“Technology is the best when it is invisible.” – Nassim Taleb I have these utopic dreams of a “perfect” camera. I want a camera that makes photos that are ultra-sharp, yet soft, affordable, yet fits in my front pocket, yet has tons of megapixels, yet can zoom to see anything but wide enough to shoot… Read more about The Perfect Camera

Free Book: Street Photography 102

Dear friends, If you’ve wanted to take your street photography to the next level, I am excited to introduce my new e-book: “Street Photography 102” (102.MB Direct Download) This book will introduce new intermediate/advanced street photography concepts and techniques, and will hopefully be the little fire you need to take your passion to new heights.

Treasure Your Personal Memories

Dear friend, I want to share an experience I had today morning; stumbling upon an old box full of documents, old photographs, and nostalgic memories.


Evolve. Don’t stand still. Keep advancing, pushing forward, and creating yourself anew.

Monochrome Manual

Dear friends, I am excited to announce my new free book: “Monochrome Manual.” It is a brief 34-page handbook on the basics of black-and-white photography, full of practical tips, and some of my favorite monochromatic images. If you have a passion for black-and-white photography, download it for free and share it with your friends. Read more for… Read more about Monochrome Manual