Photographs are Everywhere: The Extra-Ordinary Street Photography of Haris P (Xaris P)

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Eric’s Note: Haris P (Xaris P on Flickr) is a street photographer from Crete in Greece. I was blown away by his surrealistic images — and wanted to feature his work on the blog. See more of his images and tips on street photography below.

Haris: Hi Eric thanks for having me in your blog. My name is Haris P(anagiotakopoulos!) and I am a 44-year old greek guy born and raised in Athens. For the last 19 years, I’ve lived in Heraklion of Crete (the cultural capital city of southern Greece as we call it for fun with my mates). I have been taking photos for the last 4.5 years.

I started shooting in the streets, but lately I am experimenting with other types of photography– such as urban landscape, portraits, and more. Below is a selection of some of my favorite street photographs.

In terms of tips I would give street photographers would be the following:

  1. Search for the light,
  2. Search for the place,
  3. Search for the character(s),
  4. Wait for the moment..

And if you find all these things– don’t be satisfied with mediocrity.

Not-ordinary photos are nice but not enough. Extra-ordinary photos are your target.

The last and simplest advice of them all: Think of all these great photos you “saw” but you didn’t have your camera with you. Photographs are everywhere. Always carry your camera with you and hold it in your hand. No good photo was shot with the camera in the bag :)

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  • Frisqo Von Franco

    thanks erik for sharing ..

  • Rafael Morales

    Amazing photos! An amazing talent!

  • Robert Knapp

    Nice work. Art is everywhere.

  • d_horton

    yes, top shelf stuff.