Flying out from Michigan, Heading to Tokyo!

Currently in Michigan, and getting ready to head to Tokyo. Before I left, I wanted to make this video to share a little of what’s in my bag, what I am preparing for the trip, some of my reflections about shooting street photography on film the last 10 months, what you have to look forward in the blog, and much more! Thanks for the kind words and support – talk more soon :)

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  • Bruno

    Hello Eric,

    I’m also a street photographer and I’ll travel to Tokyo for work. I’ll have a free day on Saturday the 10th of November and looking for photographers to catch up with. Drop me a mail if you’re interested.

    Have a safe trip in any case.

  • me


  • sean

    hey Eric
    Love you videos. i can easily see you are so passionate about photography, and this is true inspiration for me no matter what. If dont mind, in the future, would give us a little tutorial about how to using that SF-20 with leica? like the setting and stuff. I have the same flash but never done flash photography. thank you

  • slummingangel

    Wonderful work, Eric. You’re a fabulous resource and more than many photography bloggers, you share the spotlight generously. As for the naysayers, isn’t it great that even your enemies take you seriously and study your posts with avid attention? Gandhi used to say of his enemies, “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.”

  • Jerren McKenny

    Eric, I hate hearing about your feelings being hurt from comments web people make. You are a great person, period. I wish I could be more like you.

  • Kevin van Diest

    Hey Eric, nice video. Always intersting to see your preps for the trips you make. I think you have some nice goals there. Indeed don’t let negative comments influence you…you’re doing great and just share your passion. Those who don’t like need to het themselves a hobby to stay occupied.

    Eric, keep it up dude!

  • Michael Ares


    You need Editors to help you manage your blog.

    Look into that.


    • Eric Kim

      Definitely looking into that :D

  • Marc D Bowden

    Hey Mike – great to hear you have a love of Tokyo! I’m returning there from Australia for the third time in a year, and will be there 14-17 Nov, and Kyoto 18 Nov – 2 Dec. Would love to attend your workshop, but I don’t shoot film :( Have a great trip, fella. Might see you on the streets of Kyoto! ; )

  • Marc D Bowden

    Eric – I’m so sorry about the wrong name. I don’t even know any ‘Mike’s ‘! Hmmm. Maybe I typed my message while you were talking about your microphone! hahahahah.

    Meanwhile, disregard negativity. Constructive criticism I listen to, but it’s always up to me what I do with it…

    Good work…no – great work!

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