Interview With Me (by two cute dogs) in Istanbul

A night or two ago, my good friend two cute dogs interviewed me via my GoPro camera on a roof-top terrace bar in Istanbul. He asked me some great interview questions about some of the following:

  1. The term “streettogs”
  2. About my personal background/history
  3. How I deal with people who criticize me
  4. The issue of being an “internet celebrity” and developing as a photographer
  5. Teaching street photography workshops

The interview is quite long (around 30 minutes) and a bit noisy (because it was windy) but if you have the time, give it a watch! Also if anyone has any other comments/questions they would like to ask me, leave a comment below!

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  • Jimmy Dovholt

    Lol… Is this at the Club 360, Eric? If so, that place is nuts :)

    • Eric Kim

      Haha similar- but not the same place. Hope all is well too Jimmy! :)


    You should really invest in a better camera and audio system, your video is good but the sound quality sucks. :P

  • Fast Streettog

    Good Interview …. Too bad it’s noisy… Public places and the wind…

  • Glenn Anton

    Great interview, Charlie Kirk was great!

    • Eric Kim

      Agree- he asked some fantastic questions!

  • olivier

    Interesting interview with tough questions!

    I really want to support the term streettogs ! Basically because the word creates a community and makes us feel like it. Beside, I don’t really like the expression “Street Photographer” that much because it sounds like we would be part of the street, like street musicians can be, being paid by the people we shoot.

    In a way, Streettogs sounds more like “street dogs”, belonging to the street, alone, not really going from a point A to a point B, and almost invisible… Somehow, I like it better.

    Anyway, thanks for your blog and videos Eric, it helps a lot. See you soon in Paris, I’ll be there for your next workshop!

    • Eric Kim

      Yes, I love the idea of feeling like you are part of something bigger – and like the idea of “street dogs” too. We stay together as a pack :)

      And yes see you soon in Paris, hopefully next year in 2013 ?:)

      • olivier

        I’ll be there !


    I like the candidness shown in the video. I think this helps in understanding better where do you come from and what are your goals and priorities. It also works better than addressing the points in written form. One could argue that this interview is only another stroke for your ego, but you used it to touch upon the criticism you receive almost in every post so the feature was not only valid but necessary.

    A couple of weeks ago I was talking to some person at a camera club and he asked me what kind of photography I do. I answered: “Street photography” and he went: “Oh, I see. Have you read the book by this guy… Thomas Leuthard? Do you know Eric Kim?” We chatted and it turned out he had never heard of the usual suspect names -Winogrand, Cartier-Bresson, Meyerowitz- nor any of the current established names. For him, the names associated with the genre are “Leuthard” and “Kim”.

    It is an example of the impact of the internet and the growth of the Eric Kim brand. I think the blog’s popularity brings an inherent responsibility towards your audience as well, whether you want it or not. Your blog is not anymore only a place to share your passion with your buddies. It has grown into more than that.

    For me, the workshop topic is by far the most controversial because it involves you asking people to give you money for something that either a) Cannot be taught or b) Is easily available on the internet. I could teach a one dollar workshop but I do not see how I could ask somebody to pay me say, one hundred, five hundred dollars for telling them “how not to be affraid of confrontations” for instance. I think this is the most problematic aspect for anyone who wants to teach a street photography workshop and whose body of work is not enough to justify the price tag.

    • Eric Kim

      Adrian – thanks for your candid and honest feedback and comment. You are probably one of the street photographers I have known the longest online, and I value what you have to say greatly.

      I definitely want to work harder on upping the depth and insight for the blog. It is a slow and gradual process, but something I am very passionate about!

      Regarding workshops, I prefer not calling myself a teacher but more of a “facilitator”. I don’t like the idea that I tell people how they have to shoot street photography. Rather, I want to highlight people’s strengths in street photography, help guide them, and give them the proper resources and groundwork to improve their visual literacy.

      Thanks again for the feedback – you always push me to work harder :)

  • Travis

    I’m not much of a fan of the “Streettogs” term either, but I’m not one of the haters on the blog — named or anonymous, and the term doesn’t bother me to the point where I feel it’s worth commenting on.

    I must say that I quite enjoyed this interview. I was listening to it in the background while working on some other stuff. Eric, you have incredible passion for the craft and are making a living doing what you love, and that’s quite admirable. Good stuff…

    Here’s what I would like to see more of on the site (or rather street photography in general): focus on more community based projects, where photographers are teaming up with various organizations, contributing their time and/or money back into the community. After all, we do so much taking as street photographers, so it’s nice to see when people are actually giving back. I guess at the end of the day I’d like to be remembered first and foremost as a Giver, rather than some guy/gal that took nice pictures on the street…but that’s just me.



    • Eric Kim

      Travis – definitely doing some more community-oriented projects (photographically and also helping others) is something in the works. Thanks for the idea- will keep working on it!

  • meijia788

  • Michael

    Nice interview. If you’re in Turkey still, maybe you could check out this book which looks quite interesting.

  • michael Prince

    Nice interview. Thanks. If you’re still in Turkey maybe you could check out this book which looks interesting.

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