Telling Stories from the “Everyday Milan” from Street Photographer Luca Napoli

Eric’s Note: I am pleased to share the work of Luca Napoli, a street photographer based in Milan. In this post are some photographs from Luca’s projects: [Commuters], [Taranto Vecchia], [Living the Provinces], and [My Milan]. Keep reading to hear more about Luca’s projects, his history, and further insights!

Luca: I was born in Taranto, South Italy, on 1972. I got electronic engineering degrees in Ferrara and then moved to Milan, where I currently work. I live in a small town close to Milan.

Self-taught, I was probably influenced by my father in 80s who always involved me during sessions of street photography in the old city of Taranto, my hometown.

In 2006 I bought my first digital SLR and from then on I never abandoned photography. My works are always linked to a project. The projects which gave me more awards are: [Commuters], [Taranto Vecchia] and [Il più bel giorno della mia vita]. The last one has been recently featured on witness Journal magazine (isse 48).

I’m fascinated by reportage photography. I always try to put a story into a photo. Wonderful photos without a story are useless in my opinion, a pure aesthetic exercise.

I always shot with wide optics (24 or 35mm), to get closer and closer to the story I want to tell.

I cannot tell story far from my way of being and my everyday life.

I was born in Taranto and although I left my hometown 20 years ago, I felt the need to tell my roots.

I’m a commuter and I felt comfortable in telling commuters stories.

I see the everyday Milan into public transports, non-places, and I tried to tell Milan in this way.

For the same reason I’m leaving in the provinces and I’m try to tell about the small town close to the big city.


My Milan

Taranto Vecchia

Vita di provincia

Follow Luca

Which of Luca’s projects really speak to you and why? Share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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  • AlexCoghe

    I know virtually Luca for some time and i appreciate a lot his work. In fact i think that is one of the most interesting street photographers (and not only) from my country. I love his work “commuters”. Perhaps here also lacks some shots made ​​with flash.

    • Sthemeze

      Weird suggestion in your last sentence!!!!

      • AlexCoghe

        It is because Luca has some shots made with flash.

  • Andrea

    Davvero complimenti Luca foto fantastiche, hai davvero colto l’essenza di Milano e provincia.

    Sorry guys I’m italian too :)
    My congratulations Luca, amazing photos, you really caught the essence of Milan and its surroundings.

  • Pixel Pad

    Some really nice street photography there, the couple asleep on the train cracks me up!

  • Nam Tran

    I literally just posted a post featuring Luca a week ago. It’s great to see him on your site to get him more exposure. I really love his photography.

  • 35mmStreet

    I’m in Italy right now shooting street, so it was great to see Luca’s work here. I posted a shot from Venice on my blog tonight, but I’ll be posting everyday from next week again.

    Thanks for featuring Luca Eric…great timing!


  • apoelife

    Wow. Really great. The 4th photo under the header “My Milan” is stunning. Great to see Milan through Luca’s eyes.

  • Emanuele Minetti

    bravo Luca

  • Cindy

    I love these photographs! Such stories!

  • Mamba Martin

    Thanks for the great workshop in Berlin and the great inspiration you gave.
    Next Tuesday I will travel to Milan to play a concert, but will have some time to shoot street.

    So this post is another inspiration for me.


  • Maree

    These photos are wonderful.
    So gritty and real.
    They have great stories to tell.
    Thanks for sharing them.

  • Luca Napoli

    Thanks to everybody.
    Grazie Kim for the space.

  • Matteo Sartori


  • Giacomo Ardesi

    Bravo Luca, great job. Keep it up.

  • Xynos George

    Bravo Luca !! Ciao from Genova

  • Ian Brumpton

    Great to see this Luca – Congrats !

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