Chinese Street Photographer ERIC Hitting the Streets of Hong Kong and Mainland China with a Mamiya 7II and Metz Flash

Looks like other street photographers (also named Eric) are shooting up-close and personal with a flash. Except the difference is that he is shooting with a medium-format Mamiya 7II and a large Metz flash. No idea how much it costs to develop all that film, but he makes fantastic photos and the process of him shooting in China is interesting as well. Make sure to watch these videos thoroughly to get a sense of his style which is very intimate, casual, and flows very well.

Eric Shooting in Hong Kong

Thanks to Jeff G. Rottman for the tip!

Also check out his book, “Good Luck China” on the Japan Exposures site.

via Tokyo Camera Style

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  • Drggss

    42 s into 2nd video he walks right by a Sikh man with sword, turban and flowing white robes to take a poorly framed photo of two kids in front of a hotel– meh. I didn’t like it.

    • John

      well, the guy has a sword ;-)

      • boliston

        Exactly – I would not want to risk annoying a man with a sword! (I actually quite liked the shot of the kids in front of the hotel)

  • JTJonesphotography

    He got some style. and to use film isn’t as easy as digital.He g-has to make every shoot count. Had a great time watching both videos

  • Tobias Weisserth

    Thanks for this tip. Does this Chinese Eric have a portfolio online or a photoblog of some sort?

    • Patrick

      I’m also curious about his portfolio. His pictures in the movie seem quite interesting !

  • Michael

    It’s funny to see how he just shoots his film like a digital and his flash photography doesn’t seem as over imposing as your flash photography Eric K, :-). I liked his style and photos

    • Eric Kim

      I really enjoyed his style too Michael ;)

  • SLRuser

    Its always fun watching these types of videos. I think he missed the mark on some but for the most part very cool work.
    Wow, is that a lot of film!

  • Heike

    you really think this is fantastic? he does not need a flash most of the time.

  • kikko

    was there a time people actually got offended and hit you? Just curious. If you that here in Manila, you can get hurt. Im amazed with the results. really awesome photographs.

  • Intrinity1

    I don’t know. Is it me or does this guys photography just seem like random shots hoping to get lucky for a good one? I mean look at all that film. Just shooing like seems like he’s not putting much thought into the composition. I mean most of the shots were just random snapshots. There definitely were a few amazing ones but most were just plain ol shots. Aside from that, loved the videos. It’s awesome to see other peoples style of how they shoot and the locations where they shoot. Thanks for the vids!

    • Michael

      How can you compose in the street? I thought luck has a lot to do with capturing the right frame in the streets.

  • Anonymous

    This Chinese Eric has his own style. He is like Bruce Gildon in Hong Kong..who never afraid of film price. :P I guess his bag has full of films. For me I usually walk a lot and quite long time(when I hit the road in NYC, I usually walk 12-14 hours a day while I am staying in the city) so heavy back pack stuff will not work for me even though I use films 99% still. Too much for me. Anyhow I think Hong Kong is full of active people and colors. I enjoy his colors out of portrait work – very much Chinese color(in my opinion). Very interesting!

    • Eric Kim

      Definitely agree!

  • Marco Poggioli

    he should get hired by Google streetview! 99% of his shot are not street photography…

  • Corporate photographer

    great use of flash outdoors

  • Karolus Naga

    this guy is really flowing …

  • Maria

    Aside from the Mamiya and a flash, I am absolutely not a fan of this Eric guy’s work (can’t believe he’s arrogant enough to drop his surname when he’s not even a good photographer). It’s great how well he promotes himself, but his shots just feels like he just likes pressing the shutter rather than spending the time for composition or actually finding a dynamic element for a certain situation. There is no magic or edge and he does not have an eye to make his shots special. I am frankly surprised how he has galleries backing him… 

    I live in Hong Kong, I still use film (mainly with my Leicas) and I often go to various places for street photography. China is definitely not as dull, trite and cliche as this guy portrays it. Thumbs down. You can never put this guy and Bruce Gilden in the same sentence.

  • John Sypal

    ERIC doesn’t have a website yet (although his next book of street photography will be out soon) but you can see a few more of his images in a mini review I wrote about his exhibition at the Ginza Nikon Salon in 2008 here:

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