Street Photography Quick Links: July 2015


Street Photography Quick Links is a compilation of Links, Projects, News, Videos, Events, or anything that is related to street photography or photography in particular that I have personally consumed. Perhaps these might interest you or make you think. If you want to send some links my way, details will be at the post below.

Learn From the Masters: Lesson #3 Don’t Shoot From the Hip

Copyright: Estate of Garry Winogrand

“I never shoot without using the viewfinder.” – Garry Winogrand Another common mistake that aspiring street photographers make is that they try to overcome their fear of shooting street photography by shooting from the hip (photographing with your camera at waist-level and not looking through the viewfinder). Personally when I started shooting street photography, I […]

Join Me at PopUp GPP Seattle for a Special “Conquer Your Fear of Shooting in the Streets” Workshop (September 16-18th, 2015)


Hey streettogs, I am excited to announce I will be teaching my popular “Introduction to Street Photography Workshop” in Seattle (September 16-18, 2015) hosted by Gulf Photo Plus as part of their PopUp GPP Seattle event! For those of you who have never heard of “Gulf Photo Plus”, it is the most happening photography educational center in […]

“Letters from a Recovering Camera Addict” Step 1: Admission

This article is written by Josh White, originally posted here. The views posted here are his and his alone and may or may not be shared by the website as a whole ;) Hi. My name is Josh and I’m an addict. No, I never did drugs. I don’t smoke. I hardly even drink. I’m addicted […]

Streettogs Academy No. 12 “Love” Results and Analysis


(Cover photo by Assignment No. 12 Community’s choice Forrest Walker) All the things we do are best done when you love what you are doing. This is an emotion natural to all of us that is open to a lot of possibilities and executions. With that said, here are some of the best of the […]

Learn From the Masters: Lesson #2 Shoot From the Gut

Copyright: Anders Petersen

“My photography is not ‘brain photography’. I put my brain under the pillow when I shoot. I shoot with my heart and with my stomach.” – Anders Petersen Anders Petersen is one of the most influential contemporary master photographers. He shoots with a simple point-and-shoot film camera (Contax T3) and shoots soulful black and white […]

The Street Photography 2015 Contest: Get Your Work Published In A Book Curated by Colin Westerbeck


You’ve read that right! Colin Westerbeck, acclaimed curator and author of the book, Bystander: A brief history of Street Photography together with Acuity press and PDN are looking for your best work to be part of a book that will showcase the current practice of street photography. It will be juried by Eric together with Ken Schles, Matt […]

Learn From the Masters: Lesson #1 Get Closer


Hey streettogs, I’m starting a new book on a distillation of all the “Learn from the Masters” articles I’ve written. I hope these daily lessons can inspire you, I know they inspired me! — “If your photographs aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.” – Robert Capa One of the common mistakes that many beginning […]

Of Raising Dogs And Pursuing Reflections: An Interview With Siri Thompson


(Interview by A.g. De Mesa. All photos by Siri Thompson) Siri Thompson is a photographer based in Toronto, Canada. She constantly photographs her city in a manner inspired by her photographic heroes while putting her own unique twist. Siri also has a soft place in her heart for animals. Her photos feature a lot of imagination […]