Shooting the Streets of Brighton with Singaporean Street Photographer Gary Wang

Eric’s Note: I first met Gary Wang when I visited Singapore last year to do an exhibition and a series of street photography workshops. From what I heard about Gary was that he used a rangefinder, shot really close to his subjects (often using a 21mm or 28mm lens), and that his black & white work was stirring. Gary is an all-around cool guy, with a great passion for street photography and the photography community — being one of the founding members for the Rangefinder Singapore (RFSG) group. Oh yeah, and he is a complete black&white film nut as he does all his own developing at home. I also did an interview with him in the past on the Leica blog.

Gary recently was featured in this short documentary during a trip to Brighton pier in which he talks about his philosophy about street photography, traveling, and shooting black and white film. There are also some good video footage of him shooting the streets of Brighton.

Gary told me that they forgot to bring a microphone along, which caused the audio to be quite poor. I have gotten this complaint a ton in the past as well, so I transcribed a rough guideline to what Gary says in this interview. To see more of Gary’s work and read his words, read on.

Streettogs gallery Work in Progress: Minh Nghia’s Photobook “In Transit”

Eric’s Note: Streettogs Gallery is an on-going feature and intiative by Manila-based street photographer A.G. De Mesa. Click here for more info.

A.G.: Today’s feature is a bit different than the usual. As I said in the intro post for streettogs gallery, I would also love to see if you have a work in progress. Today is extra special because we have a photo book to analyze, dissect, and share opinions. But first, I want to share what I look for in a photo book.

At the Leica store in Singapore for my "Proximity" Exhibition in 2012.

Snapshots from my Singapore Street Photography Workshop and “Proximity” Exhibition

At the Leica store in Singapore for my "Proximity" Exhibition

Already missing the warm weather and awesome chicken rice in Singapore! Huge thanks to Adam Rahim for letting me stay at his place (and being my manager), Leonard Goh, Gracia Yap, and Sunil Kaul from Leica for hosting my workshop – as well as Invisible Photographer Asia for letting us use their gallery space. Let me not forget AikBengChia for being my guest speaker at the workshop as well!

Keep reading to check out all the snapshots of the workshop and exhibition!

Singapore Street Photography Workshop Snapshots


(Group photo at the Leica Singapore Store)

Never have been to Singapore, but had a great time! Not only was I able to teach a street photography workshop with the famous Danny Santos as my guest speaker, but was also able to check out the IPA gallery and meet Kevin WY Lee, and a bunch of other guys there! Huge thanks to Leica in Singapore for sponsoring the event and giving everyone a fantastic time on the last night!

Planning on going back to Singapore Jan 14th-15th for an Advanced workshop. Hope to see all of you guys there soon! :)