nico chiapperini

Capturing the Comedy and Drama of Everyday Life: The Street Photography of Nico Chiapperini

Nico Chiapperini Street Photography

Eric’s Note: Nico Chiapperini is an Italian street photographer currently based in Den Bosch, The Netherlands. He wanders the streets looking for documents, memories, and impressions, in which composition and light freeze feelings for eternity. He also uses his street photography as a way to collect his thoughts in which he uses a metaphor of a kaleidoscope of memories and future visions. Through this quest, he discovers questions, sometimes answers, but always emotions in his imagery. 

Nico: My mum was a teacher in a primary school. I was eight years old when I went with her on a school trip to a Jurassic Park for children. There I took some pictures of fake dinosaurs with my father’s SLR. It was my first time and I used two rolls of film. The day after my dad told me I could have bought nice postcards instead of wasting so much film and money. He did not have bad intentions, he later tried to encourage me, but I was a sensitive child and never touched a camera again for a very long time.

Streettogs Gallery Feature: “Surreally” by Nico Chiapperini

Eric’s Note: Streettogs Gallery is an on-going feature and intiative by Manila-based street photographer A.G. De Mesa. Check out more info here.

AG: Photography is nothing without seeing. The light, colors, shadows, contrasts, patterns. Human life in general. And it is in seeing that a good photographer will be able to replicate what was seen in a photograph.

This is one of those works that really invites you to just see.