How Much is Enough?

SF, 2014
SF, 2014

How much is enough?

How much is superfluous in life? What is excess baggage that holds you back?

What are some demons from your past and mental baggage that holds you back? What are physical possessions which hold you back?

What kinds of cameras and equipment hold you back? Which cameras are sitting on your shelf or drawer which you haven’t used for a few months, or even over a year? Why do you keep onto them? What do you fear? Do you worry about these “what if?” situations?

Leica M9-P Hermes Edition

8 Ways How Money Can Buy You Happiness in Street Photography

Leica M9-P Hermes Edition

(Pictured above: Leica M9-P Hermes Edition. Only $50,000)

We are always told that money doesn’t make us happy. Although I like the saying, it isn’t entirely true. Scientific studies do show that money buys us happiness- but only to a certain extent. For example, if you literally make only $10 a month, of course you will be miserable. However making $10,000 a month compared to $5,000 a month won’t make much of a difference. According to some study I read, money can only buy you happiness to the point that you make $70,000 a year. After that, it doens’t make much of a difference.

Money can make us happier in street photography. You also don’t have to be rich to reap these rewards. Curious on how money can buy you more happiness? Keep reading to find out.

The One Million Dollar Question

So the other day when I stepped out of my office on 3rd street to go take some photos during my lunch break, I was spotted by a group of Christian missionaries handing out fake one-million dollar bills to passer-by’s. They had interesting caricatures¬†of what I perceive to be famous celebrities in place of some of our beloved presidents. As they noticed at me gazing at them, one of their representatives walked up to me and asked me, “If you were going to die tomorrow, would you definitely be sure that you would be in heaven?” Wow–what a loaded question. I then casually responded, “Of course not.” The man then asked me for 2 of my minutes and during that split-second decision I thought to myself, “Sure, why the hell not.”

Million Dollar Bill #1

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