Free E-Book: The Social Media Blackbook for Photographers


Hey streettogs, I just finished writing a little mini e-book titled: “The Social Media Blackbook for Photographers“. I have been thinking about distilling a lot of my thoughts on social media and photography– and I hope this can be a helpful resource to you. A lot of the thoughts in the book is just my personal take on social media and how it can benefit you as a photographer. Here is a brief overview of the contents of the book:

  • Chapter 1: Why social media?
  • Chapter 2: What is social media?
  • Chapter 3: The importance of creating value in social media
  • Chapter 4: How to gain more followers
  • Chapter 5: The importance of engagement in social media
  • Chapter 6: Common mistakes in social media
  • Chapter 7: Social media strategies, tips, techniques
  • Chapter 8: Conclusion

This e-book is open-source (share, distribute, re-mix, translate, or do whatever you want with it). You can download it for free below:

Download English

Download Spanish

Thank you to Minerva Romay for translating this into Spanish:

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Read more to also read it directly on this blog: