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50 Lessons I’ve Learned From Jacob Aue Sobol’s Magnum Workshop in Kyoto by John Hall

Photo by John Hall. Kyoto, 2015

Eric: This article is by John Hall, a photographer and human being I respect deeply. John Hall was one of my students at a week-long street photography workshop in SF, and since then he has been my zen master (he always reminds me to stay centered). He recently attended a Jacob Aue Sobol workshop in Kyoto, Japan and I loved the article so much I wanted to share it with you. You can see his original article here.

John: I just finished a week long workshop with Jacob Aue Sobol in Kyoto and it was terrific. The Leica team was also most helpful during the week as the workshop was held in their beautiful Gion Leica store. Jacob, Chloe and Albert did a super job with a diverse set of students. A highly recommended workshop!

11 Lessons Jacob Aue Sobol Has Taught Me About Street Photography

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© Jacob Aue Sobol / Magnum Photos

The most difficult thing for me is to take pictures from far away.” – Jacob Aue Sobol

Jacob Aue Sobol is one of my favorite contemporary photographers. Not only are his images visually powerful and stirring– but they exude a sense of emotion that pours from the seams. His emotions have depth and soul to them– something that we all as street photographers can learn from him.

While Sobol wouldn’t call himself a “street photographer”–his way of wandering the streets and photographing strangers is something street photographers can all relate to.

I recently received a copy of “Veins a book he co-authored by Anders Petersen and have been thinking more about Sobol’s work. Therefore I wanted to write this article to better get inside the mind of Sobol and share his inspirational images and thoughts about photography to you.

Warning: Some of the photos in this article may not be safe for work.

“Arrivals and Departures”: A Journey Across The Trans-Siberian Railroad by Jacob Aue Sobol, Magnum Photographer

Jacob Aue Sobol, Magnum Photographer embarked on a journey from Moscow to Bejing using the new Leica M Monochrom camera with the new 50mm f2 summicron. The images he captured show really raw emotion, and makes the viewer think about the story behind the images. The Leica blog is currently having an on going series documenting his journey. Check out the links bellow to stay updated on his series.

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