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Dear Photography, I love you by A.g. De Mesa


6 months ago, right around the time of my birthday, I actually got a very interesting message from Eric:

“You should write something about yourself so that our readers can know the real you.”

For those of you who don’t know, I’m A.g.. I’m his content manager here at the blog and I’m also in charge of Streettogs Academy working out of Manila, Philippines. Aside from my task as admin of Streettogs Academy, I usually get assignments from him to interview photographers, fix a blog post or two, and do a feature or other things.  He hasn’t really made a formal introduction of me for the past 2 years that I do things with him here on the blog but better late than never I guess!

I was stumped for weeks as to how I am going to make this write-up. I don’t want to sound like a pretentious arrogant and I don’t want to give a biography. So instead, I will answer with why I love photography. I believe that what you love shows you what you stand for and why you do the things you do. Without further ado, here’s my love letter to photography:

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