The first rule of street club: you don’t talk about street club.

Second rule of street club: you don’t care for social media. You purge your entire social media feed of photos you don’t care about, and you unfollow everyone who you don’t want to follow. You only upload and share photos you really care about, and don’t care what others will think.

Third rule of street club: take more risks when shooting on the streets. Learn how to take a punch. Don’t run away from confrontation. Rather, apologize, smile, and refuse to delete your photos. Learn how to eradicate your personal fears, and realize that there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

Fourth rule of street club: don’t care about your equipment. Use the cheapest, most compact, easily-accessible camera. Use a point and shoot or your smartphone, or the camera you already own. Don’t be a slave to camera corporations, and the endless treadmill of buying and upgrading new shit.


Fifth rule of street club: build your own community. Find just 1 other like-minded individual, and inter-twine your souls together. Uplift, motivate, and encourage one another. Make photos for one another— not for the masses.

Sixth rule of street club: when you see a good street photo opportunity (but you are scared), you must shoot it. Shoot first, and deal with consequences afterwards.

Seventh rule of street club: have faith in yourself. Get physically strong, mentally strong, and never stop hustling in your passion for photography and life.

ricoh mafia

Welcome to #STREETCLUB

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