Photography Influencer

How to Become a Photography Influencer

Dear friend,

Something I hear a lot today is called being an ‘influencer.’ I think I am an influencer. I’ll share with you why I think I am an influencer, and how you can become an influencer— and whether that is even a desirable thing.

1. What is your goal in photography?

So first of all, why do you want to be an influencer? Do you want to ‘influence’ others in order to make more money? To get free cameras from companies? To feel cool? To feel important?

To be frank, if you seek to become an influencer to boost your self-esteem, you will never be an influencer.

Only real influencers are individuals who have this deep-seated conviction of their views on photography, art, and life. If you compromise on any of your ideals, morals, or ethics— you will never become an influencer.

2. What is an influencer?

To be an influencer— it simply means to influence others.

To influence the thinking, hearts, and the minds of others.

Think of the people who have influenced you in life. For me, my biggest influences were role models— people who walked what they talked. Also good influences were ‘anti-role models’ — people who I did not want to resemble when I grew up (aka my deadbeat dad).

An influencer is someone who shares their idea with a wide public, and

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