How to Kill Fear

Dear friend,

I’m the most fearless person I know, certainly not the most humble, but I wanna share with you some of my personal remedies on how I overcame my fears in life, to become the best version of myself.

Ken Walton is Making Streetfoto San Francisco Happen

Photo by Ken Walton

Now on its 2nd year, Streetfoto San Francisco will happen on June 5-11. We had a quick chat with Ken Walton, the organizer of Streetfoto on how he balances life, photography, putting San Francisco on center stage. (Interview by A.g. De Mesa)

A.g.: Aside from being the organizer of the Streetfoto, you’re a very dedicated father, an avid traveler, and a very active photographer yourself. How do you pull this off and balance everything?!

Ken: As for how I pull it all off – it’s not easy, and my time management skills are really not all that great, but when I’m really passionate about something, I do the work of ten men. It’s also pretty difficult to get me to reply to an email for several months a year.


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