Street photography composition

Hidden Compositions in Everyday Life: Street Photography

“Unless you expect the unexpected, you will not find it, for it is hidden and thickly tangled.” – Heraclitus

This is what makes street photography so fun — discovering compositions which are hidden — in plain sight, in everyday life. Your challenge as a street photographer is to find it!

With sketches:

Side by side:

  • Street photography composition

Forcing compositions, when there isn’t an obvious composition there

Another fun game — finding and discovering a composition which doesn’t obviously exist, but we make it anyways!

So what is your goal? As a street photographer, discover those hidden compositions in everyday life!

red black abstract

Why Simplify Your Life?

The point of simplifying your life isn’t in order to become a more ‘virtuous’ person. To simplify your life is a highly pragmatic matter:

The more you simplify your life, the more you can maximize your personal creative productivity.


How to Photograph Yourself

To photograph yourself means:

  1. Select a certain aesthetic to convey your personal aesthetic tastes, moods, or attitude towards life.
  2. Only photograph what you consider beautiful. Or if you want to photograph what you consider ugly, do it with intent.
  3. Don’t strive to make “good” photos. Strive to make HONEST photos that reveal part of yourself and your own soul.
selfie vlog


There is the saying “You are what you eat” which means:

If you consume nutritious foods, you shall become powerful. If you consume bad foods, you shall become weak and fat.

Perhaps we can approach this attitude to photography —

If you are what you photograph, by photographing what brings you joy will make you more joyful and happy!

Selfie red

Anti Competition

Notions of “cheating” or “unfairness” are only problems or issues if you’re competing with others.

A thought — perhaps it is better to live a life that is ANTI competition? You are only competing against yourself. No competition with anyone else means you don’t need to feel jealous or envious towards others. Also, you don’t need to pay attention to others.

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