Consistency is Anti-Creativity

Something interesting I’ve noted:

When studying the ancients, there is no concern about “consistency” with their art work. Is this preoccupation with consistency a modern one?

Perfectionism or Something Else?

Are we perfectionists, or something else? Meaning:

Perfectionism is just fear or uncertainty, disguised.


Trying to be a “perfectionist” is simply trying too hard to be “adult like”, in order to please others.

Why is it important to know the difference?

Noble Fear

Not all fear is made alike. Good fear is this:

Fear which focuses you, concentrates you, and strengthens you.

The goal isn’t to fear zero fear… it is simply to not shirk from fear.

This means:

When David is facing Goliath he feels fear,,, but doesn’t let the fear PREVENT him from attacking (and then) destroying Goliath!

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Why Make Photos?

Making photos; blessing life, existence, and being born and being alive!

Why Make Photos?
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Hypocrite vs Contradict

A hypocrite: an actor. Someone who ‘fronts’ or pretends to be something they aren’t.

A contradictor: contra (against) dict (talk).

Thus a hypocrite is a faker, whereas a contradictor is someone who says one thing but engages in behavior that he criticizes others for.

Why is this difference important? Let me explain.


Why are we trained to NOT trust or obey our instincts ? What’s “rationality” anyways? Why is logic and rationality seem above emotion, bezerk, gut, and instinct ?

Success: Speak Your Mind Without Fear

My definition of success. Speaking fearlessly, creating fearlessly and sharing fearlessly. Success is the quantum of courage you exhibit, not how others react to you.

Humans Aren’t Lazy

No. We want to do things. We want challenge, fun, and more.

Be distrustful of anyone (psychologists, philosophers, economics, etc) who say:

The human desire is to do as little as humanly possible, to conserve our energy.

No. We desire to maximally expend our energy! To become more powerful, to gain more, and to indulge more of our desires. To achieve more, create more, and consume more!

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