Take Your Passion Seriously

We all have different passions. But why is it that we don’t don’t allow ourselves to take our (non-money making passions) seriously? In fact I’d say it is better to start taking your work and employment less seriously, and taking your creative passion *more* seriously.

Movement and Economy

A thought while looking out of my front window and seeing an Amazon delivery truck:

The reason why Amazon so successful is that it has made the movement of goods far more effective and efficient. 

Which makes me think:

The more you can move products, people, things and ideas … the better!

What you *really* believe in and care for is manifested through your actions (or non-actions)

Or why you don’t need to “force” yourself to do anything contrary to your nature. And also —

Not all action is good.

You also often exhibit your true beliefs and true preferences based on what you decide *not* to do, what you decide *not* to participate in, or what silly games you decide *not* to play. “Via negativa” beliefs.

Maximal Movement

What is the best car? The call which motivates and allows you for the maximal movement — to drive more, explore more and experience more. Preferably a small fuel efficient car (hybrid) or a small electric (high range) car. Ideally all wheel drive to allow for you to go on drives even when the weather is poor, rainy, snowy.

What is the best camera? The one which is the least cumbersome. The one which motivates and allows you to maximally explore and photograph with as little hesitation as possible.

Also with exercise — perhaps the best exercises are the ones which allow for the most fun and dynamic movements?

The best music — the music which motivates you the most to move!

To have done it even once is enough

Towards a “one rep max” attempt in life. Or thinking about “proof of concept” living —

Using your life to experiment with things which interest you, and the joy of the scientist to have proved even one small thing as true!

Why I Love Photography

I love to make images, with you and me

Photography helps me be me, to see the world more clearly with depth
To see more broad and visual depths into the wind swept scapes

Photography isn’t just a visual escape — it is reality augmented. Reality made fuller, richer and more pure.

Photography — where would we be without you? Photography helps us stayed glue to the here and now. No need to fear, the future is clear.


Strong Desire, Strong Motivation

Or in other words, never force yourself to pursue any desires you don’t have a strong inclination or passion for. All great desires require no “effort”. If you truly desire something, the motivation will come easy.

For example I have a strong desire to become stronger. Thus going to the gym requires zero “effort” from me. I do it without thinking — and yet I come every day!

With arts, photography and creativity — I don’t need to “motivate” myself to do it. I just do it because I love it and have a strong desire to produce creative things and art works.

In the past I had an insanely strong desire to become self employed and to *not* be employed by a third party and to *not* have to report to a boss. Thus the motivation to become self employed and an entrepreneur came naturally to me.

Putting Your Photos on the Blockchain

ARS mission statement // arsbeta.com

Imagine a blockchain for photos and photographers. There is a verifiable history of when it was shot, what the original photo was (either RAW or JPEG), the history of post processing to it, and a full history of all the “likes” and comments it got — platform agnostic.

Perhaps this can be the future for ARS Photo?

Arsbeta.com as the current iteration.

What is Greed?

Greed abstract

Greed: when you do something which is good for you, and not good for me.

Or, when you do something which is contrary to my own personal morals and ethics, and I feel slighted that you aren’t doing as I think you should do.

So in other words:

When others call you “greedy”— they themselves are the intolerant ones.


Cindy blur tree ERIC KIM black and white

As artists and creatives, what do we truly desire and want/need?


Perhaps what we are hungry for is perpetual creativity.

This means:

From morning to the moment we sleep, we are always full of creative energy, muscular strength, vigor, enthusiasm, motivation and inspiration!

And ideally — we have this creative flow state for the rest of our lives?

Leaving Things Undone

To combat and challenge the cult of productivity, GTD “getting things done” religion, and Inbox Zero. Perhaps leaving things undone and having the courage to ignore the superfluous as more wise and aesthetic/elegant.

Intentional or Unintentional?


When it comes to art, why is it that we perceive that artwork (or details) created out of intention is superior to artwork created “unintentionally”?

Why this bias that intentionality is superior than unintentionality?

Consumerism and Arts Production

Consumerism art production

Something bizarre I’ve figured out:

Why is it that we feel we need to purchase x, y, z or upgrade x, y, z in order to become more artistic, or to be enabled to create our artwork?

My answer:

Capitalism, consumerism, and modern society has programmed us to feel that to create art is a “waste of time” (and thus a sin) and the only virtuous reason why we should make artwork is that it is good for our “mental health” (in order to become more productive).

In some ways, we feel good and justified to purchase a thing in order to enable us to become more artistic. This goes with cameras, phones, tablets, laptops, computers, or any other creative tools.

Artistic Flourishing

This is the goal. But the question:

How does one flourish artistically?

In other words:

What are the optimal conditions to allow you (the artist) to flourish maximally?

Forcing Yourself *NOT* To Be Productive Takes More Skill than Forcing Yourself *TO* Be Productive

Not productive

What is our modern vice? The guilt associated with the times in which we are *NOT* productive. When we aren’t actively being productive, we feel guilt. This is indecent.

Which makes me think:

In modern times, it actually takes more skill, courage and wisdom to force yourself to *NOT* be productive for periods of time.

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