Qui serere ingenuum uolet agrum liberat arua prius fruticibus,
falce rubos filicemque resecat,
ut noua fruge grauis Ceres eat.

Who fain would sow the fallow field, And see the growing corn,
Must first remove the useless weeds, The bramble and the thorn.
Poem I, lines 1-4; translation by H. R. James

first remove the useless weeds, the bramble, and the thorn.

Tu quoque falsa tuens bona prius incipe colla iugo retrahere:
Vera dehinc animum subierint.
By first recognizing false goods, you begin to escape the burden of their influence; then afterwards true goods may gain possession of your spirit.


For when every judgement is the act of hym that judgeth, it behoveth that every man performe hys worke and purpose, not by any forayne or straunge power or facultie, but by his owne proper power, and strength.

How to cultivate a curious eye

In praise of serendipity.

Symmetry is boring.

Imitate nature.

Tilt your camera.

Iliad homer

Illiad by homer notes

Achilles wrath

Vengeful arrows

Invidious , envious

Like a god in fight.

What spoils and conquests?

In life, seek spoils and conquest?

Rule my own realms of life.

Glittering blade

Flames that sparkle from her eyes

Reason, yield emperor of mind.

Revenging steel.

Command thy passions, and the gods obey.

Scepter, formed by tempered steel.

Spread the purpled shore, with mountains of the dead

Scepter starred with golden studs around

Words, sweet as honey, lips distilled.

Wild deserts red with monster Gore.

Reeking blade.

Smoking blade.

Swift sailing, liquid road

Silver bow

Pour the black wine, see flames arise.

Fill the swelling sails

Milk-white canvas

Artful manager of heaven

Silver footed queen.

Architect divine.

part 5

Zarathustra 5

Even the greatest man is too small!

Go to the real world. Waiting for me like a garden.

How to sing like a bird?

My fate, teach the eternal return?

“A great year of becoming ”


I will be created again.

Persuade the sun to get my height.

The azure bell.

Drink old and new wines of wisdom.

Vine with swollen udder, cluster of golden brown grapes.

Superabundance ***

Over graciously smile.

Weeping is complaining. No need to weep, because no need to complain.

Never complain, because accuse.

Purple melancholy

Violet blue path

Fragrance of future songs

Deep profound eternity.

Divining flashes of lightning.

I love thee, o eternity!

Live everyday like if were eternity?

Avian wisdom.

God died pitying man.

God hell: love of man.

No more happiness seeking, only seek work.

Honey sacrifice.

Honey in my veins, makes my blood thicker.

Wicked fisher of men?

Be a man without disgust for man?

You’re not high or strong enough.

Blessed be moderate poverty.

Strong of bone and light of foot.

How to surpass man?

Despise others to revere others.

I blind, lightning of my wisdom eyes, blind other!

Happiness is productivity ***

To go higher, use my own legs!

Higher man is a creator.

Much more is possible.

Perfect ones, teach others how to HOPE

I love fast racing!

Light feet, is fast running.

Seek lightness, and I can run far and fast!

Wild, good, free spirit of the storm!

Dance beyond myself ***

Laugh and dance!

More horror, more danger, more earthquakes.

Fear; mans original and fundamental fear.

Courage, delight in uncertain, is what makes us epic!

Love adventure!

What is warrior or conquer food?

Awaken new desires.

Only strive after my own work! ***

Zarathustra 4

Tell my own story.

Don’t admire black scarecrow

Mellow decaying glory

Sun intoxicated rapture, quiver like arrow.

Out to distant futures nobody has dreamed up of yet.

Devil and arch enemy, spirit of gravity

How to dance beyond?

Advance to new rosy dawn

Purple evening after glow

Create the future ***

When sun sets, inexhaustible riches pour out.

Don’t be considerate to neighbors

I can leap over man!

Surpass myself and my neighbor ***

Seek guilt and pain.

Don’t seek self preservation ***

Go beyond myself, don’t fear for myself ***

How can I be true to myself?

“All is in flux”

Nothing stands still forever.

Be a robber and slayer ***

Go opposite of thou shalt not steal. Stealing is good!

It is good to kill and steal?

What is the new nobility?

There is gods, but no god. ***

Become a pro creator, cultivator, and sower for the future.

Deface the currency, deface worth of human money!***

Living, burning oneself, yet not getting warm.

Eat and drink well.

Ascend to higher mountains

Soul with the longest ladder, go deepest?

Seek after new fountains and origins.

New people and new Fountains arise!

Earthquake; new inner powers and secrets.

Earthquake uncover new fountains.

Are you thirsty?

Destroy the world and word of half and half, and half way measures.

To create, break old values.

Embark man on the high seas.

Avoid false shores and false lands. And avoid false securities.

Diamond and charcoal, be hard!

Diamond, conquer and create with me!

The creators are hard ***

Press my hands upon millenniums like upon wax!

Blessedness to weird the will of millenniums on brass!

Harder and nobler than brass ***
Noblest; entirely hard.

Become hard! ***

Preserve myself from small victories, just one great fate! ***

Swelling milk udder

A bow eager, hungry for his arrow!

An arrow eager for its star!

Annihilating sun arrows.

Spare myself for one great victory!

My voice is even medicine for those blind.

When I’m awake or awoken, or woke, always stay awaken.

Advocate of the living and suffering.

Eagle grab the lamb.

Step out of my cave, the world waits for my garden.

Step forth out of my cave!

Everything goes and returns.

Eternal wheel of existence.

Everything dies and blossoms.

Everything breaks and is integrated anew

Everything builds itself on the same house of existence.

The middle is everywhere, avoid it.

The ball of eternity rolls everywhere.

Don’t be a small man, anti-life.

Baddest is the best power.

Hardest stone, hardest creator.

To create more, be badder.

Even the greatest man, human, all too human.

Overcome humanness!

Zarathustra par 3

Wanderer and mountain climber

I cannot stand still long.

Keep climbing mountain and experiencing myself

What is my highest summit”

Go the way to greatness.

Land where butter and honey flow.

Mountain climber: look away from myself.

Mount even above myself.

Higher even until stars under me**!

Look down upon myself

Ascend high, then go down very deep.

Deeper lower than I ascended?

Cunning sails on frightful seas.

Enigma intoxicated.

Twilight enjoyed.

Every stone thrown up must fall down.

Courage is the best skater.

Courage slays death; ‘once more!’

Break free of gravity ***

Perfect myself for the sake of others.

Do you love your own photos?

Victory; seal of my perfection

Hate half greasers.
Hate half and half, doubters.

People want comfort. You can’t have full virtue with comfort!

People are mediocre, they think it’s modesty or moderation.

Most people are cowardly.

Voluptuousness , passion for power, selfishness ***

Free heart, garden happiness of the earth.

Painted purple felicity alluringly on earthly heavens

Bloombeth in the dark, a night shade wisdom.

The spirit of gravity

My foot is a horse foot.

Stomach, eagle stomach, prefer lamb flesh.

I’m impatient and ready to fly.

As an eagle, I’m hostile to the spirit of gravity.

Teach other men how to fly

Don’t leaden too much extraneous on my shoulders.

I love blood.

Before flying, stand, run , dance, then fly.

Not a good or bad taste, but MY taste ***

This is my way, what’s yours?

The way doesn’t exist, only your way!

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