More shoe reviews for photographs

Shoe review for Street Photography

How to be a more curious photographer

How to come up wirh your own Photography project ideas

How to come up with ideas

In praise of photographing your food

How to make better photos of your food.

Anything that helps you shoot more is a good thing!

Write down notes, blog post ideas, open?

Use fast wifi to rebuild

Dynamic website, design, keep changing, evolving, iterating!

Anything that makes you productive as a photographer is a good thing!

Knowledge keeps changing and so do we.

Dynamic knowledge, dynamic individuals.

First principles in photography

Why feel nostalgia?

Kinetic and movement is good!

Anything that is good for your movement the better.

Any camera that doesn’t restrict your movement is good.

IPhone as best camera?

Dawn notes

Depend on yourself, not tradition!

Tradition has power, because it causes us to fear

Rent don’t buy.

Buy secondhand thrifting

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