Never Stop Making

Never stop making
Don’t worry about placating the masses
Ignore what your teachers told you in classes or in school,
You got the power of your own creative tools; so build what you desire
Don’t stay low to the ground, soar higher– what is your personal peak?
Don’t think, just do
Just make — make stuff that you consider great, and make yourself great
You’re a super-hero; put on your red cape

You can create your own destiny; you can control your own fate
Ain’t no hate in the world, only love
No need to shove others out of the way, there is enough room for us all
So friend, stand tall on your own two feet
Greet whatever comes your way in life
Channel the strife and the pain to make yourself stronger
Never stop creating; create your own block-chain, and enter this zen-like zone of apotheosis, channel your own creative thoughts from your own creative brain!


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