Mom Will

Umma Will (Mom Will)

Will (what NOT) to do!

  1. BRAIN DEAD: Don’t want extend life by mechanical aid. No tube feeding, no oxygen tube to sustain umma’s dead body life.
  2. LAST RITES: Funeral day: no viewing. Invite friends/family to have lunch/dinner together. Pastor comes over, last rites // funeral mass. Whoever available … (protestant or catholic)
  3. FUNERAL SERVICE: No traditional funeral service. If did not receive last rites; have priest/pastor do small blessing prayer.
  4. BODY: Donate for whatever medical research. If cremate, use ashes to plant on the ground. Hiking place, whatever — NATURE! Don’t make worship space– no tomb!
  5. HAPPY DEATH ANNIVERSARY: Remember death date, and come together family, have good time, talk about umma memories, share, try to meet in-person.
  6. ERIC EXECUTOR: Eric decides. (If Eric and umma dies, 50/50 Cindy and Anna)
  7. MONEY: 50+-/50+- Eric and Anna
  8. STUFF: Donate! If valuable, share.


Umma, sukhee chung
sangjin, Eric Kim
anna, Ann kim
Cindy, Cindy Nguyen


August 8, 2018

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